The FRYS.COM Experience! SCU Golfers Meet Tiger, Rocco and Ben Crane

The FRYS.COM Experience! SCU Golfers Meet Tiger, Rocco and Ben Crane

SAN MARTIN, Calif. - Santa Clara University junior Balbina Guajardo and the Bronco women's golf team has been volunteering at the PGA's Open here in the South Bay. She shares some images and her experiences below. Check it out.... 

Pictured to the right: Gaujardo (front and center) and her SCU teammates pose for a picture with Tiger Woods.

Yesterday started as any other normal day waking up early for classes and taking notes. However, we looked forward to the afternoon since we we were going to volunteer at the FRYS.COM tournament. When we got there we were really happy to have the opportunity to assist the staff coordinating the event, while also enjoying being surrounded by plenty of talented players.

We were surprised to find that they did not need extra volunteers and the staff told us to have fun, take pictures and learn from the pros. The first place we went to was the driving range where Rocco Meddiate was hitting his driver. We knew he would be done hitting balls sometime soon, so we decided to wait and see if he would be willing to take a picture with us and sign an autograph or two. After he was done, he takes the exit exactly where we were standing, although we were slightly starstruck, we politely asked if he would mind taking a picture! He did it without hesitation, being as generous as he is, he talked a little bit with the team and took the picture before going to his press conference.

Defending tournament champion Rocco Mediate center with SCU golfers (l-r) Taylor Camany, Casey Briggs, Balbina Guajardo, Morgan McClure, Brooke Stephens and Kaci McCartan

Then we saw a huge crowd at the putting green so this became our second stop. Little did we know this was where Tiger Woods was practicing! We started taking pictures with him in the background, and were really excited to see him. When we saw that he was getting ready to leave, we thought this was our moment to get closer to him. He started to walk right in front of us and signed some autographs for the team. He was interested in knowing more about us, that before we knew it he was asking us questions about the team, and was really engaged in the conversation. We were so astonished by his presence, and the fact that he was actually talking to us, that we decided to ask him for a team picture!!! Without any hesitation he quickly responds with a 'YES' and the whole crowd behind us was really excited that they wanted to join in our picture!!!

This was a great experience for the team because we got to meet Tiger Woods, take pictures with him and have a great conversation with him!! He actually knew about our team and was excited to talk to us. After this moment of greatness we also went to see Ben Crane who Acacia Briggs (freshman) got to bond with for a bit because they are from the same hometown. Then Ricky Barnes who played for the University of Arizona in Tucson bonded with Morgan McClure (redshirt sophomore) because that is her hometown! The day just got better by the moment since we got to meet them as well, have great conversations with them, and awesome pictures!

PGA Pro Ben Crane center, with SCU golfers (l-r) Kaci McCartan, Taylor Camany, Brooke Stephens, Morgan McClure, Balbina Guajardo and Casey Briggs

By the end of the day, this was not just another normal day anymore... This was the greatest experience ever, and a day none of us will ever forget. All of the pictures pretty much summarize the greatness of our day, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Thanks for checking up on us, we appreciate it...

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After this day, you just never know what the Santa Clara Woman's Golf Team will encounter if they keep sticking together as a pack!