Off the Fairways with Tammy Surtees

April 13, 2009

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - In between tournaments, freshman Tammy Surtees sat down with to talk about golf, her plans for the future, and what she does off the greens. The Waikoloa, Hawaii native is looking forward to making a strong showing at the WCC Championships in Vallejo. long have you been playing golf?
Tammy Surtees:
I started playing when I was in seventh grade.

SCB: Who introduced you to the wonderful game of golf?
It was actually my P.E. teacher. He set me up at a golf course just to practice on the range. And from there, a Pro that was working at the course saw me and started giving me lessons.

SCB: Why did you decide to come to Santa Clara and play golf?
I really like the location, and it's a great school. It was one of my top choices. I also have a lot of relatives around here, so it's really convenient.

SCB: Is there anything quirky in your pre-shot routine?
I played softball through high school, and when I line up to my ball, it kind of looks like I'm hitting. Like in softball when you point your bat to the field, I kind of point my club out towards the fairway. It definitely helps with my alignment.

SCB: Do you have a favorite club in your bag?
I'd say my 7 iron is my favorite club. I just always hit it good.

SCB: What do you like to eat when you are out on the course?
I eat a lot of trail-mix and dried fruit. But I don't like to eat out on the course because it kind of distracts me.

SCB: If you could play golf with any three other people, who would they be? And where would you play?
I would play with Jerry Rice, Adam Scott, and Tiger Woods. We would play at Nanea golf club.

SCB: Do you have a favorite memory or moment playing golf?
I did a charity last year for the Children's Miracle Network, down at Mahalani on the Big Island. I was the mulligan player for about 10 celebrities. It's called the Ace Shootout. It's a fun charity event and I was their mulligan player, which means if they hit a bad shot, then I can re-hit it for them. I got to meet Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and Al from `Home Improvement.'

SCB: What is your favorite home cooked meal?
Anything that I can make from my parent's recipes at home. Schu yu chicken is definitely my favorite.

SCB: What are you majoring in?
I'm majoring in Business Marketing.

SCB: What do you want to do after you graduate from Santa Clara?
I'm hoping to work for a major sports company in their marketing department.

SCB: Favorite vacation location?
I have family in Seattle, and I just love going there to visit them during the summer.

SCB: If you had to pick one food to eat the rest of your life, what would it be?
A chicken caesar wrap.

SCB: What is your favorite movie?
'Forgetting Sarah Marshall.' But `The Break-Up' and `Talladega Nights' are also in my top three.

SCB: One last question. If you were a cartoon character, which one would you like to be?
I would be Dory, from `Finding Nemo.' She was the blue fish that had a memory problem.