2007 Women's Golf Blog

2007 Women's Golf Blog
Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In honor of all my people out there, Happy April Fools Day.

I know it's been a while--since the last time I wrote, we've played in 2 tournaments, survived winter quarter finals, and had to deal with the aftermath of missing the first day of classes for spring quarter.

First a short recap of our tournament down at Pasatiempo: we finished 2nd, I finished 2nd, Jenny Nelson finished 3rd, and the rest is aaaaaalllll history. Thanks to all the parents, family, and friends that showed up to support us--especially Katie's Grandpa Tom who made the trip all the way down from the great state of Washington.

Finals were rough and we're all glad they're over...spring break treated us all well with some much needed R&R, and we got right back into the swing of things up in Lincoln, CA at Sacramento State's Regional Preview.

Now for a brush up on some golf course etiquette and rules:

The Rules of Santa Clara Women's Golf: a compilation by Corey Utsurogi

1. S&S always. Because there's really no discrete-er way of handling the situation.

2. No club throwing, slamming, or breaking, ever. Because it's not classy and you look bad.

3. No ball throwing either. Because lets face it, we're girls and chances are you'll end up looking more uncoordinated than "cool."

4. Always park your vehicle in a safe, easily accessible spot. Otherwise, you'll find yourself in the same predicament as Hilaire's mom. Details are unnecessary but let's just say Karen was driving Hil's car around the Lincoln Hills parking lot for a solid 10 minutes in search of a lost item.

5. Never ever give up. Just because you start with 7 straight bogies doesn't mean you can't have a good round of golf.

6. Be proactive. When you've been sitting at a traffic light for more than 8 minutes and it still hasn't turned green--even if there's a moto-cop right behind you--make up an alternate, off-road route.

7. Stay focused. Because "the second round is all mental, isn't it?"--Freshie Katie Sharpe.

8. Love your putter and your wedges. Bill Johnson said so.

9. Love your teammates. Because they're the family most people never get to experience. And because you never know when you're going to have 7 girls sharing a 2 bedroom suite a la Real World: SCU Women's Golf Edition.

10. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. We have conference in Tacoma, Washington this year. While I'm hoping for sunshine and windless days, I'll be preparing by showing up to practice, rain or shine, in my full on rain gear, umbrella, and bucket hat.

In conclusion, We've got 2 more weeks until conference, then our season will be DONE. Yea, I don't want to think about it.

In the mean time, Jenny Nelson and I will be begging professors not to drop us (SENIORS WITH 1 QUARTER LEFT in need of 12 UNITS to stay eligible) from our final classes as Santa Clarians. Thanks very much to the professors that have been accommodating to our situation.

Find me in our new library..




Thursday, March 6, 2008

A HUGE thank you to all of you bronco fans that came out to support us at Almaden CC this past Monday and Tuesday! Your support and presence were felt and very very much appreciated by us all, so THANKS!! =)

So the final San Jose tournament of my life as a Bronco has come to an end...and I've gotta tell you, I speak for us all when I say that it was quite the grind.

A few key statistics and other notables:

•Freshie Katie Sharpe had a pretty solid 54-hole outing, firing a 3-round total of 236--top notch effort by Katie, and top notch effort by her dad, Mr. Sharpe, for showering not once, but twice on Monday in an effort to lead his daughter by example. Just kidding, Katie. =)

•Jenny Nelson showed off her Bronco classiness by bringing a pair of unworn socks for a girl on CSULB's team in a goodwill effort. The girl had forgotten extra socks on their trip and had been wearing the same pair of 3 straight days (including the 36-holer). I imagine her feet maybe suffering

•During the practice round, Coach P's hubby and former teaching pro, Coach Don, provided us all with maps of Almaden CC "just in case any of us get separated on the course."

•We made a new friend, and found Miki Ueoka's new team captain in the balloon creature maker at Chevy's FreshMex. As he cleverly built us a balloon-golfer (with more lag than my own swing) he explained how he "used to play golf like, everyday...until he got fat."

•We Broncos are all about helping each other out. Exhibit A: Katie was nice enough to give Noni a criteria for identifying a blackberry during breakfast. "If they were raspberries, they'd probably be red, honey." Indeed. Noni was going to ask about boysenberries, but decided to let it go.

•My reason for living and loving golf right now: the Gary Plato Chipping Green at SJCC. Putting and short game are the heart of golf, people.

I think I'll be counting DEER tonight to fall asleep. Yea, you know those little guys with no friends...

We've got a little Pasatiempo love coming up this weekend...so if any of you Bronco fans want to see us in our FINAL "local" tournament of the season (and ::hint hint wink wink:: MY final local tournament as a bronco), come down to Santa Cruz on Monday and Tuesday. They said there'd be a chance of rain in the forecast, but we all know those weather guys just decide what they're going to say by flipping a coin every morning...





Friday, February 29, 2008

Greetings from under my sunglasses, Bronco fans...

It's a Friday evening and I'm here writing this blog so that can only mean one thing: we've got a tournament coming up this weekend! And this one's going to be great, so listen up: It's one of our ONLY home events of the season, and it's held at a SUPER local golf course, Almaden CC in South San Jose, so if you Bronco Fans are available this coming Monday and Tuesday, we'd LOVE your support! We play ALL DAY (literally, no joke, sun up to sun down) on Monday--36 holes starting at 8:30 AM and rolling on until probably 5:30-6ish. We also play 18 holes on Tuesday starting at 8:30 AM. So come out, enjoy the sunshine and watch some amazing golf performed by none other than...US!

In other news, we just finished/returned from Fresno State's tournament down at Copper River CC (which, as per my roommate's description, is: "new money, dah-ling."). We had a blast down in the valley and started the tournament off really well with a team score of 307. We had a tougher time on day 2, however, and shot 316, which put us in 12th place out of 17 teams.

Here's a recap of events from Fres-YES:

•This is not even "news" as it's become a norm for our Freshman Phenom, Miki Ueoka, to finish in the top 10. She did it again, finishing in a tie for 6th place. What more can I say than WE LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH, Miki. Seriously. Like, "pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you." (M. Grey, Grey's Anatomy)

•Fresno is officially deemed a "NO-JUDGE-ZONE" by: Jamie Nonaka.

•Katie Sharpe had her career low round as a Bronco, firing a SOLID 75 during the first round.

•Noni learned something brand new to her, yet 7 years old to the rest of the developed world: G.W.Bush is a republican.

•Jenny Nelson had a solid tournament, fresh off the IR list with two scores of 79 and 78. We all know that Jenny shines when she's healthy...lets just hope she STAYS that way.

•Posted as a reminder: "Just lag it up there, Jenny. Just lag it."

•In the team rental Armada (thanks, Enterprise) while looking for food: Miki: "Use Bean-o and there'll BE NO gas! I really think that's clever." Noni: "Really? Because I like "Every kiss begins with Kay.."

•Jenny and I got the most solid night of sleep on Saturday as we had our lights out right after Jeopardy ended at 7:30 PM and didn't rise until 8:45 AM the next morning. Yes, that's more than 13 hours of shuteye.

•While Ueoka is a natural stud on the golf course, sometimes she has a difficult time handling the simpler things in life...like walking without slipping in mud and dirtying her rock-hard bottom. Lucky for her, she had the helping hand of fellow freshie, Sharpe, to cover for her as she discretely changed between cars. In my opinion, Miki owes Katie a few tubes of Purell...

•IHOP and Sweet Tomatoes happened. Not once. Twice. Each. Luckily, we had coups, baby.

•It was Jenny's 22nd birthday during this tournament, so we celebrated with a phenomenal meal at Chilis as well as with a little (ok, lots of) chocolate and a trip down memory lane to Washington D.C.

Alright, sorry if I forgot anything, but the most important thing of all that I'm going to REPEAT is that we play at ALMADEN CC this MONDAY and TUESDAY at 8:30 AM both days. Just FYI.

Stay classy, bronco fans!

You know you love me...xoxo,



Thursday, February 14, 2008

AAAAAAAAlright...I know it's been ages, my most sincere apologies, but be happy I'm back with more one liners and zingers than ever before. Haha, kidding but not really.

Warning: this post is going to be a doozy...I suggest you read half, take a break, then come back for more at a different time.

First of all, for all you lovers out there, happy valentine's day.

The past month or so has been pretty difficult for our team--it seems like everyone on the team has been crashing and burning in some way or another. We currently have: a teammate with disc drama in her lower back, one recovering from the pneumonic plague/a cold/an ear infection/and leg surgery (take a wild gander at who that could be...), and a girl sporting a BOOT with that fuuuuuur because of a broken foot. But don't worry, we're all still in good spirits...especially with Frank Johnson around to hold us up with his tender love and care.

We had our annual bocce ball tournament in Los Gatos last Thursday and on behalf of the team, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR BRONCO HEARTS to everyone that came out and supported us. The fundraiser was a great success, and I think we need to acknowledge and thank Andy Shatzman for everything he's done for our program. He's an amazing guy and we love him. Also, congrats to the SCU athletics department representatives for WINNING the tournament. Top notch, fellers, top notch.

Our spring season has started, and we just got back from our first tournament--the UC Riverside PINK challenge at Oak Valley GC. While we didn't play quite up to par, it was a fun tournament for us all.

I thought I was starting the tournament off right by taking a jog on the main street outside of our hotel...until the next morning at breakfast when our waitress, Margarita, explained to me that we were staying in the heart of San Burna-GHETTO. Now it totally makes sense to me why I kept seeing policemen driving around and hiding out in parking lots...

While ordering breakfast, I made quite a sizeable mistake that Coach P still won't let me live down:
Margerita: "Alright, so you'd like a short stack and a side of fruit..."
CU: "Actually, can I change the fruit to a side of sausage?"

After the massive breakfast of pancakes:
Katie Sharpe: "I don't think I'll be able to eat lunch or dinner after all that food..."
CU: "Katie, never ever underestimate the power of the gut."

Hils used her amazing skills and magic to lure her new friend, the front desk boy at the Hilton into providing us with internet services free of charge.

A flustered Noni had a difficult time ordering dinner without a "default dressing" available for her salad. Thank god her sharp mind and quick thinking allowed her to make the sufficient choice of 1000 island on the side.

The wind, altitude, hard-pan greens and warmth were phenomenal, and had me feeling Tiger-esque enough to say a phrase I thought would never apply to me, "6-iron, 190, baby."

Miki's obsession with bananas prompted her to purchase a banana cutter at Safeway to add to her large collection of banana objects back home. If ever you're craving a peanut butter banana sandwich, banana bread, banana pancakes, banana splits, or banana flavored rice cakes...I'm sure she'd be more than willing to share.

Speaking of the freshman phenom, Ueoka placed 4th for her 2nd consecutive top 10 finish and 3rd in 4 tournaments. I'm seriously thinking of flying back to Hawaii with her over spring break to see what they feed her out there. On second thought...maybe her secret to amazing golf is a diet rich in fiber and potassium.

The West Minister dog show had Miki and Noni wishing they owned a bulldog, Shih Tzu mixed breed pup to play with. Yea? Yea...oh yeaaaah.

Back on the home front, Jenny Nelson was able to muster up all of her health and piece together an awesome speech given at the Bronco Bench Endowment dinner. Although she's an accounting major, Jenny's still quite eloquent with her words and I heard she blew the audience away.

Anyone with an awesome idea for a catch phrase to use on our team sweatshirts this year is strongly encouraged to email me at [email protected] I asked my brilliant brother, Kyle, for some help, and while at first he couldn't quite grasp the meaning of a catch phrase, he quickly made up for it with a few gems: "have it your way," "we don't make it til' you order it," "impossible is nothing," "it's a great time out," "is this the year," and my all time fav: "too legit to quit."

I'm thinking "we don't make it til' you order it" would fit perfectly on the back...

Until next time, stay classy bronco fans!

xoxo, Gossip Girl.


Friday, November 9, 2007


What a way to wrap up a much too quick fall season! While all trips are a blast, ones that the whole team travels to are by far the best. The entire Bronco clan caravanned/ "burbed" down to Cal Poly last Saturday for our final event of 2007.

A quick wrap up of events:

•With Coach P leading us down in the burb, Jenny Nelson took the wheel of our beloved team van, #64, while honking her nose with her free hand basically the entire hour and a half it took to get to King City.

•I can't tell to you how much I wish I had driving gloves on when I took over for the 2nd half of the drive...

•Jamie Nonaka and I were given the blessing of having sick Nelson as our roommate. A quick wrap up as to why living with Jenny is AWESOME:

-She leaves sliding doors open so that random seabirds can come hopping into our hotel room.
-She bakes using a Dutch oven.
-She steals the entire room's supply of TP rolls and Kleenex boxes.
-And we got the added bonus of falling asleep to her heavy throaty breathing (snores) at night.

•Noni and I also enjoyed an excursion to Marie Calendars to pick up our anti-oxidant rich healthful pumpkin pie. Somehow, only ¼ of it was left on Tuesday morning. Must have been the doings of our pet bird.

•Speaking of birds, Jen Sun careered it having 6 of them in her first round en route to a solid 75.

•Even with a lot on her mind, freshie Katie Sharpe had a solid tournament turning in 2 scores of 78.

•Thanks to Erin Sullivan we had the melodic tune of "apple bottom jeans..." stuck in our heads during the final round. That's fine because "super-fresh" Miki Ueoka went low low low low low low low....finishing in 2nd place for the tournament! HO-GUY! She's a stud muffin. I'd like to be her 1 day.

•With her dad Coach Steve by her side, Jenny conquered the tricky 17th and 18th holes of Cypress Ridge--paring them both in the final round of her senior year. She can now graduate from SCU with a happy state of mind.

•There were a few extremely long holes out there, prompting me to ponder aloud, "How in the world do you club up on your driver?"

•Amazingly enough, Sullivan found a way to do it on the 12th hole--outdriving both of our bombers, Katie and Miki, by a good 10 yards during the practice round.

•Three of us Broncos finished in the top 15--Miki (2nd), Jenny (13th), and me (6th). Yea, we're pretty much a big deal.

•Erin Sullivan's obsession with sparkling grape juice had her drinking straight from the bottle while sitting in the passengers' seat as we drove up the freeway.

•The all-you-can-eat salad bar at Sizzler on Monday night caused me to have a little problem with the waistband of my shorts. In the words of the gorgeous Mavis Nelson, "Not a good look. Actually, not a good fit!"

•The Suar-I clan came out to cheer for their lovely daughter, Kathy. Johnny and Maggie are living proof that kids will grow up to be just like their parents no matter what. And I mean that in the best way possible. ¡La Família de Suarez son MUY amables y divertidos!

•Being the diligent Communication majors they are, both Hilaire Fouts and Jen Sun were spotted with their laptops working on a paper at breakfast, lunch, dinner, in the team van, during the warm-up, and in the golf carts between shots on the course. Now you all know how we maintain such a phenomenal team GPA.

•The Bronco "White" team proved that there may not be a "B" in "leftovers" but there is in...BIRDIES. Believe me they were taking some great SHOTS out there on the course.

As sad as I am to see my last fall season as a Bronco come to an end, it's a blessing in disguise because I've got make-up work from here to the moon due to a week and a half of straight missed classes. Thank goodness for this blog, otherwise I'd be forced to stop procrastinating and actually get some of it done!

A lot of traveling can also do a number of things to your body--mine in particular is a sweaty mess. Even my roomie Jenny is concerned as she commented, "I'm worried...if you have back-sweat while eating." Thanks to all of the families that came up to watch--the Suns (on a whim from Arizona), Mr. Fouts (in style rollin' in the M-class), the Nelsons (showing up promptly before all the teams on day 1), the Suarez's (with their HUGE smiles), and my amazing parental units, Lar and Barbs (catching the last 2 holes of my 1st round).

Stay classy, Bronco fans! Check the gallery link above for some snapshots of the ridiculous-ness.

Besos y besos y besos,


Friday, November 2, 2007


Aloha Bronco fans..

This blog may lack in its usual wit and luster but please forgive me as I'm still adjusting to the time difference between here and the gorgeous islands of HAWAII! =)

Before the tournament we met with our swing coach, B. Frank Johnson, to go over some last minute preparations and watch video footage of the way we play golf. He provided us with words of wisdom, perhaps the wisest coming when discussing Katie's Sergio Garcia-status 7-waggle pre-shot routine-- "Who are you, Rainman? I just took 42 steps to here without counting."

We Broncos (Miki, Erin, Kathy, Katie, and I) flew out to Oahu on Sunday morning for the University of Hawaii golf tournament at Kapolei GC. Kapolei was gorgeous and their normally intense winds felt much like a nice summer breeze compared to the tornado-esque atmosphere of Boise.

A quick wrap up of events: Erin Sullivan was craving SLURPEES the whole trip, Princess Kathy spent much of it getting 12 hours of sleep/night, Katie had a difficult time adjusting to the time difference--going to bed at 8:20 and waking up at 5, and Miki and I enjoyed the Hawaiian delicacy of Poke with Maui chips.

Miki's mom, Auntie Linda, found us an amazing rental house 2 minutes away from the golf course--and I kid you not, this place was INSANE. Pool in the backyard, 4 bedrooms with HUGE (albeit firm) beds, a TV taller and wider than me, granite counter tops, hardwood floors...I mean I could go on and on but instead I've included a few pictures.

As if finding us a house wasn't enough, Auntie Linda came through with one of the hugest feasts ever after our practice round on Monday evening. Imagine a family bbq x 10. The Portland State team came over to enjoy the spread with us and while the food took top honors, the second best part of the night came when 1 of the Portland girls attempted to walk outside but was rudely awakened and stopped by the unopened sliding screen door. No major injuries occurred, but I think she may have suffered a slight bruise to her ego.

Tuesday was a 36-hole marathon of wind, rain, sunshine, humidity, and an end result of an inch thick layer of dirt and grime pasted around my ankles. Ripe as it may sound, it was AWESOME. Who could complain about non-stop golf in Hawaii?! Certainly not Miki Ueoka who charted her 2nd consecutive top-20 finish in the tournament, finishing tied for 19th place. I've decided the girl's a stud and now understand completely why she's so obsessed with the amazing island of Oahu--the home to Zippy's flaky, crusty, doughy, sweet, greasy, delicious apple napples. If you ever go out to Oahu...don't even think of coming home without trying these gems. They're to die for. In fact, I'm trying to think of how I could transform the apple napple into wedding cake form if I ever decide to get married...

I was lucky enough to have my parents, Lar and Barbs, come out to support the team and we were able to take advantage of some time off after our final round to take care of some major shopping and EATING.

Gotta love Hawaii--love the food, love the people, love the shopping, and most of all...love the GOLF!

Stay classy, Bronco fans...hopefully we'll see all you parental units out at Cypress Ridge this Monday and Tuesday for the final tournament of the fall season in SLO!

Click on the Gallery link above to see pictures from the weekend!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

In the words of Miss Miki Ueoka, who charted her first top-10 finish (placing 7th) as a Bronco: Ida-Hoooooooooo-guy!

So the Idaho tournament happened in a crazy fashion for us Broncos. We battled all forms of wind--dust storms, CYCLONES, 30-40 mph gusts, mini-tornados, head winds, tail winds, wind burn, wind-chapped lips, wind-cracked fingers--I swear, the list can go on and on. But amidst the craziness, we somehow battled through and finished in 7th place out of 15 teams.

I learned a little something about self-motivation when Coach Polly inspired the team to make a 40-foot putt to a hole-shaped disk on the last green of our practice round. I stepped up, hit the putt through undulations and hills with perfect speed, and nailed the disk to take the honors of being first in line at the dinner buffet that evening. Needless to say, coach now knows that any mention of food will automatically trigger my ability to thrive.

Kathy and Katie had a difficult time settling into their hotel room. It took the two newbies a few days to figure out their "reversed" heating system. Here's a typical conversation between the two before entering their room for the evening:

Kathy: "Now we have to go back to our room that's colder inside than it is outside." Katie: "N-n-n-n-n-no. Don't worry, Kath. We turned the heater OFF before we left the room this time, remember?"

Jamie can now fully appreciate a mini coupe sitting on dubs, but I think Miki might be a lost cause when it comes to dogs, cats, and children.

A tourney in Idaho just wouldn't be right without cookies from the Ameritel every night, waffles at 6 in the morning, dinner at Goodwood (where a serious my team/your team entry-draft developed mid-meal), a stroll through the Super Walmart, and last but not least, a stop at Sonics Drive-thru. This was quite the outing since none of us had ever experienced the amazing-ness of a real Sonics.

You may now be wondering since we've been back home for a few days, "How is the moral of the troops?" Well, as we all attempt to get back into the swing of things, a lot of us are still a little woozy and....off, for lack of better words.

On the car ride to the airport, young Katie mistakenly wondered aloud, "I played with a girl from Sweden today. What language do they speak there?"

Every time I turn around I see Jamie trying to "make a pizza," "push the shopping cart," or "use a q-tip...and throw it away." She has also been caught sleeping with her eyes opened...which isn't creepy AT ALL.

Coach has been on a wild goose chase looking for magnetic Bronco decals in order to start up "Pimp My Rental: SCU Edition." And that pretty much sums it all up.

"Bye, Idaho! Love, Santa Clara Women's Golf."

Stay classy Bronco fans! <3, Corey


Friday, October 5, 2007

It's a Thursday evening and I've officially finished one of the longest days of my life. I don't know what stroke of brilliance made me think I could handle waking up at 5:35 AM every Tuesday and Thursday for morning workouts and then go 7.5 STRAIGHT hours of class (yes, that's 4 classes in a ROW) directly following, but I immediately regret this decision. Kidding, but not really. On top of all else, I went to the career fair this afternoon and the reality that I'm not going to be a student-golfer all my life is starting to set in. BLEH.

We've completed our first qualifier and the team for Boise is set in stone! It'll be a completely new and exciting experience as our three newbies (Katie, Kathy, and Miki) all made the traveling squad along with Jamie Nonaka and myself. I'll be writing shortly about our crazy adventures in the middle of the country. We leave on Saturday morning, have a practice round Sunday afternoon, have a 36-hole marathon on Monday and then 18 for the final round on Tuesday. I'm just praying that the weather is nice to us...

It's officially TV night, so I'd better go. This team's obsession with Gray's Anatomy is almost as crazy as our obsession with golf.

Oh, and for the sake of Erin Sullivan, a Chicago native, I suppose I can suck it up (since neither the Giants nor the A's made the playoffs this year) and type in a...go cubs.

Stay classy, Bronco Fans!

<3, Corey


Friday, September 21, 2007

Just Another Day In Paradise...

Hello again, Bronco Blog Fans! It's me, Corey, and I'm back for yet another season of reporting the thoughts and ridiculous happenings of our women's golf team, here at SCU.

We Broncos have been back at school for two weeks now, preparing for our upcoming fall season. It's hard to believe that qualifying for the first tournament of my SENIOR YEAR starts on Monday! We had our first official practice on Wednesday afternoon with our swing/short game coach, B. Frank Johnson. After 3 hours of chipping, pitching, and putting, I think it's safe to say we all have lots of intense practice to look forward to over the coming months! After much anticipation, Friday FINALLY rolled around, and we had our first team meeting of the year. While all team meetings are typically something to look forward to, the first meeting of the year is hands down, SUPERIOR to all the rest. Why, you wonder? Because it's when our team gets to experience the second best holiday of the year--Christmas in September!! This is the meeting where we receive all of our new bags, backpacks, golf balls, shoes, gloves, and most importantly--CLOTHES! It was truly a golfer's paradise.

In other news, I'd like to be one of the first to introduce you all to three new additions to our team this year: Katherine Suarez, Miki Ueoka, and Katie Sharp.

Kathy Suarez--a sophomore walk-on, speaks fluent Spanish and was born in the lovely country of Colombia, off the north-western edge of South America. She enjoys sleeping under 6 pillows at night, long walks on the beach, riding roller coasters at the boardwalk, and kayaking. Kathy is best known to strike a pose as a cheerleader when the words "Team Picture" come out of anyone's mouth.

Miki Ueoka--a freshman from Kauai, Hawaii, definitely knows her stuff when it comes to FOOD. Not only does she make the most amazing black and white cupcakes, but let me just say that we've been back at school for less than 2 weeks, and she's already eaten at the same restaurant (I kid you not) 7 times. In her defense, Gombei (the restaurant) is the BOMB DOT COM! Miki may just be a freshie, but she still ponders about the finer things in life...like if good girls get down on the floor, how low will the GOLF GIRLS go?

Katie Sharpe--a freshman from the great state of Washington, is an avid S'mores maker. She has a natural knack for placing supple marshmallows between layers of chocolate and graham cracker. It's a gift, really. In her spare time she enjoys remixing Rascal Flatts songs in the team van, learning the ups and downs of Canadian football, and looking for new bedding. She's also studying to become a P.E. teacher so she can share her amazing ability to hit the golf ball 300+ yards into the wind with the many children of the world.

(Sorry boys, they're all gorgeous, hilarious, and amazing at golf, but they're also all TAKEN!)

Well that's about all for now. As always, stay classy Bronco fans! Here's to yet another amazing year full of good times and good golf!

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