Amy Timpe ’98 Reflects on Her Time as a Bronco

Credit Denis Concordel (
Credit Denis Concordel (

By: Kaitlin Fuelling '13

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Santa Clara University does an excellent job instilling various core values in its student-athletes.  They are encouraged to work hard on and make the most of their time on the Mission Campus. (SCB) had the opportunity to speak with '98 graduate Amy Timpe (AT), who spent three years rowing for the women's crew team.  

Timpe had played tennis in high school, but was looking for ways to stay active in college.  She considers her three years on the team as a dream come true and enjoyed representing Santa Clara on and off the water. 

"Crew is a sport that teaches you a lot about yourself; it tests your physical limits and your mental toughness," said Timpe.  She also enjoyed the close team dynamic that come from the sport.  "In a boat everyone needs to work together, in unison, to be successful."  

She learned quickly to stay focused and prioritize what needed to get done for classes and exams simply due to the nature of the schedule and structure of practices.

SCB: What is something that you were able to take away from Santa Clara either as a student or student-athlete?

AT: I really appreciate Santa Clara's focus on social justice and the responsibility of its students to take their talents and knowledge to help make an impact within their local communities.  There were so many ways to get involved through on-campus programs through SCCAP and Junior Achievement. 

SCB: Have you been able to continue rowing as a career or hobby?   

AT: I was able to add rowing back into my routine after a few years in the workforce.  You find that your schedule, especially in the high-tech world, can be more flexible to accommodate early morning practices.  I now row at Los Gatos Rowing Club, which is right next door to the SCU boathouse, so I get to see the Santa Clara student-athletes on the water, which is fun.  Rowing as an adult includes travel to San Diego, Boston, even international events, so it's a fun way to mix exercise and travel.

SCB: What are some of your favorite memories from college?

AT: We had some great road trips with the team. Spring break usually falls right before the San Diego Crew Classic, so we spend spring break with two practices per day on the water at Lexington. My first year on the team, we did take a day trip to Santa Cruz where we had running relays on the beach. And we ended the day by going to one or our teammates house for homemade pizza made-to-order in their outdoor pizza oven. That was fun and a tall task to feed 20+ hungry rowers.

My freshman year I was part of the Freshman Residential Community, the first of its kind for the community living on campus that has since expanded. Steve, our RA in Graham 100 (when it was two stories and used to have the pool), was a San Francisco native, so he organized a day trip to the city were he took us to his favorite spots.  We took the train up and we walked all over town, ate in North Beach, checked out Lombard Street and ended the day going up to the top of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to take a look at the city view.  It was a great day. 

SCB: What was your first job out of college and how did you find that job? 

AT: My first job was a human resources assistant at an online learning company.  I was able to transition in marketing from there, so it was a good way to get my foot in the door.  I did not have a job after graduation, so I started working for a temp agency and that's how I found that position.  I ended up having a great boss in this position and she has become a good friend who has helped me with guidance and support throughout my career.

SCB: Do you have any recommendations for student-athletes as they leave college and enter the "real world"?

AT: I would say that a bit of humbleness, willingness to learn, and taking on tasks that are asked of you whether they are big or small, are good ways to stand out when you are first getting into the workforce.  

Good luck to the Class of 2013 and GO BRONCOS!