Catching Up with Adrienne Lohe

Catching Up with Adrienne Lohe

By: Shelby Soltau '16 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Senior rower Adrienne Lohe (AL) prepares herself for another successful season of rowing at Santa Clara University. She received WCC All-Academic honorable mention in the 2011-12 season. Lohe looks forward to pushing herself even farther for her final year as a Bronco, particularly in the San Diego Crew Classic where she rowed 2nd seat vs. St. Mary's last season.

Before the rowing team kicks off their season on Oct. 27th in Sacramento, Calif., Lohe caught up with (SCB) about her goals as a senior rowing member, her roles in different seats, and her interests outside of the boat.

SCB: What are your goals for finishing your rowing career at SCU positively?
AL:  I'm aiming to get a big personal best time for a 2k on the erg this year. I wasn't able to do so last season because I was abroad during the Fall quarter, but with a full year of training I'm excited to see how far I can push myself. Another goal is for the team to be competitive at both the San Diego Crew Classic and our conference championships in the spring. With so many experienced varsity rowers returning to the team this year and the number of hours we'll put into our training, I hope we can surprise our competitors with what we bring to the races this year.

SCB: Do you still enjoy running cross country?
AL: After running cross country and track all through high school I joked that I would never run again. But after joining the rowing team my freshman year at SCU, running started to be more fun and relaxing for me. It's nice to change up how I get my cardio in since we spend most of our time in boats or in the weight room. The team runs to the Rose Garden when the weather is nice and it is one of my favorite places.

SCB: How does rowing in different seats affect you? Do you have a preference?
I've rowed in a lot of different seats over the years, but I am usually in the bow. The bow seat is responsible for the set or balance of the boat, so I've had a lot of practice doing that. I have also rowed at the opposite end of the boat in stroke seat. The stroke sets the pace for the rowers behind her to follow, so consistency and confidence are really important. I would say I'm most comfortable in bow, but I really like the excitement that comes with stroke seat too.

SCB: How has it been balancing the rowing practice times with school?
Having practice at 5:45 am for six days a week seemed hard to manage at first, but rowing has actually helped me manage my time well. On top of early morning rows, the team has afternoon weights and cardio to do, so whenever I have free time during the day I know what I have to get done and I do it. Of course there's that one week when you have two midterms and three papers at once, but everything gets done with the help of a nap and some coffee.

SCB: Where do you like to snowboard?
AL:  I go snowboarding with my dad, brother and sister. I'm from the East coast, so we usually go in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but my favorite mountain is Sugarbush in Vermont. Also, every January the team takes a trip to Tahoe and I can't wait to go skiing with all the girls there.

Go Broncos!