Santa Clara Women's Rowing Just Where It Wants To Be After Race vs. LMU

Santa Clara Women's Rowing Just Where It Wants To Be After Race vs. LMU

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. - Facing one of the fastest teams in the West Coast Conference, Santa Clara women's rowing took on LMU on April 21 in the first annual dual meet between the two schools. This was the last race of the season for the Broncos before they go to the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) Championships from April 28-29 and the WCC Championships from May 12-13. Both events will take place in Lake Natoma, Calif.

"Going into this race, we knew that LMU was going to be fast," said Santa Clara head coach John Wojtkiewicz. "We've been working on keeping our pacing consistent and giving our all the full length of the course. Our goal is to eventually be within 15 seconds of the winning time at WCCs in three weeks. We knew that if we could get within 25 seconds of LMU, it would leave us with a 10 second margin to make up in the next three weeks. If you take the average of the three margins in the races, it was 25 seconds. We just need to reshuffle some rowers and lineups to get to where we want to be."

Santa ClaraLine-Ups
Varsity Eight
C: Jones
S: Amanda Lajoie '14
7: Carina Brocato '14
6: Briana Wise '14
5: Rachel Donohoe '14
4: Megan Alferness '14
3: Katie Caudle '12 
2: Jessica Farran '15
B: Missy Giorgi '13 

2nd Eight
C: Rissa Yaw '15
S: Bissy Rail '15
7: Kristen Hutchison '13
6: Adrianne Lohe '13
5: Margaret Mendenhall '15
4: Camille Hayes '14
3: Michelle Castro '15
2: Blair Mitchell '14
B: Brenda Arellano '15 

Varsity Four
C: Crystal Au '15
S: Laura Jalalian '15
3: Michileen Oberst '15
2: Mary Smith '15
B: Ana Burgos-Solis '14 

Varsity Eight
LMU - 7:43.64
Santa Clara - 8:07.84 (+24.2) 

2nd Varsity Eight
LMU - 8:06.41
Santa Clara - 8:39.84 (+33.43) 

Varsity four
LMU - 9:32.17
Santa Clara - 9:50.17(+18)