Broncos Win Two Races at Lexington Reservoir

Broncos Win Two Races at Lexington Reservoir

Check out an interview with Rachel Donohue after the races!

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Hosting a race for the first time at Lexington Reservoir, Santa Clara women's rowing finished first in two out of three races while taking on Sonoma State and Mills College. See below for Santa Clara line-ups and results. Click here for complete results.

"It was good to get some racing going back on at Lexington," said Santa Clara head coach John Wojtkiewicz. "Its been a number of years since we've hosted a regatta here, and then to be able to win a couple of races on our home waters was especially gratifying. The head wind was a bit tough and it made the times on the slow side, but in the first eight race it was great to get pushed all the way down by Mills. They did not back off for a second. We still have some work to do, but it was certainly a confidence builder."

The Broncos next race will be at LMU on Sat., April 21.

Santa ClaraLine-Ups
Varsity Lineup
C: Jones
S: Lajoie
7: Donohoe
6: Wise
5: Brocato
4: Alferness
3: Caudle
2: Farran
B: Giorgi

2nd Eight Lineup
C: Yaw
S: Castro
7: Rail
6: Mendenhall
5: Lohe
4: Hutchison
3: Mitchell
2: Arellano
B: Oberst

Novice Four lineup
C: Au
S: Smith
3: Farran
2: Hayes
B: Burgos-Solis

Varsity 8
1. Santa Clara, 7:54
2. Mills, 7:57
3. Sonoma State, 8:13

Second Eight
1. Santa Clara, 8:36
2. Mills, 8:59 

Novice Four
1. Mills, 9:25
2. Sonoma State, 9:27
3. Santa Clara 9:41