Results in Foster City Have SCU Women's Rowing Excited About Spring Season

Results in Foster City Have SCU Women's Rowing Excited About Spring Season

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The Santa Clara University women's rowing program posted encouraging times in their first official race of the 2011-12 season at the Head of the Lagoon in Foster City, Calif.

The first race was the Open 4, which included SCU and three other crews from St. Mary's and Cal Maritime.  While the Broncos were able to pass the Cal Maritime crew in front of them, the other two St. Mary's Crews were a bit faster, and came in just ahead of the Broncos. 

Open 4

SMC "A" - 21:23
SMC "B" - 22:09
SCU - 22:41
CMU - 24:12

"Because of some student-athletes who were under the weather, we needed to double up varsity rowers from the four into the second Novice 8, and because of this we had to change their event from the Novice 8 to an Open 8," explained second-year Santa Clara head coach John Wojtkiewicz about the day's second race. "As it was our Open 8 was a bit out-matched by the only other open 8, a vastly more experienced crew from Sonoma State."

Open 8
Sonoma State: 21:44
SCU: 25:22

The novice eight was the deepest event of the day, with eight crews racing against each other.

"Because of some confusion at the start line, Santa Clara started as the final crew in this event, and about 45 seconds back from the penultimate crew," said Wojtkiewicz. "They also started right on the line from a dead stop, instead of getting the running start which is more customary."

Basically rowing by themselves with the rest of the field way ahead, Santa Clara gave full effort for the entire 5000 meters. In the end, the Broncos were encouraged with what they achieved.

Novice 8

SMC "A": 21:36
Stanford "A": 21:36
SMC "B": 22:09
SCU: 22:31
Sonoma State: 23:15
Pacific: 23:59
Stanford "B": 24:19
Chico State: 25:26

The final race of the day was the women's pair.  The bow seat of this crew, Briana Wise '14, already stroked the four earlier in the day and was starting with 5000 meters already raced.

Women's Pair

SMC "A": 23:57
SCU: 25:28
SMC "B": 25:37

"I feel very confident in this group right now, and what they may be able to achieve," said Wojtkiewicz. "It is wholly a much stronger group of novices this year. This spring looks very good."