Women's Crew Rows at Sacramento State

March 6, 2004

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - The Santa Clara University women's crew participated in its first spring season race on the water Saturday morning, taking on Sacramento State in four races (varsity eight, novice eight, varsity four and novice four) as part of the the first-annual Jim Farwell Cup at the CSUS Aquatic Center.

The Hornets won each of the four races by at least 12 seconds, including the varsity eight winning by more than 17 seconds. The Jim Farwell Cup is named after the former longtime Santa Clara rower and coach who established the women's rowing program at the University.

The Hornets' varsity eight boat raced to a winning time of 6:53.1 over 2,000 meters, followed by Santa Clara (7:10.8) and Sacramento State "B" (7:11.5). The Hornets' novice eight also won handily, posting a winning time of 7:24.6, followed by Santa Clara (7:37.2) and Sacramento State "B" (7:44.8).

In the varsity four competition, Sacramento State "A" raced to time of 7:41.1, followed by Sacramento State "B" (7:47.9) and Santa Clara (8:24.7). In the novice four race, Sacramento State won with a time of 8:08.5, followed by Sacramento State "B" (8:12.9), Santa Clara "A" (8:49.7) and Santa Clara "B" (8:56.7).

Santa Clara returns to the water on Saturday, March 20-21, as it hosts the WCC Challenge at Redwood Shores.


Varsity Eight
1. Sacramento State - 6:53.1
2. Santa Clara - 7:10.8
3. Sacramento State 2V8 - 7:11.5

Novice Eight
1. Sacramento State "A" - 7:24.6
2. Santa Clara - 7:37.2
3. Sacramento State "B" - 7:44.8

Varsity Four
1. Sacramento State "A" - 7:41.1
2. Sacramento State "B" - 7:47.9
2. Santa Clara - 8:24.7

Novice Four
1. Sacramento State "A" - 8:08.5
2. Sacramento State "B" - 8:12.9
3. Santa Clara "A" - 8:49.7
4. Santa Clara "B" - 8:56.7