Post Game Quotes

Feb. 15, 2001

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Santa Clara Head Coach Chris Denker
On the game
"I am happy that we won, but I told the girls just now that I think I have a personality flaw or something, because every little mistake that happens just drives me nuts. And we tend to have these inconsistencies and I would like us to play a perfect game every time. I know that's too much to ask, but we had several negative runs tonight. We were up 19 and they cut it to nine or 10. We were up 15 and they cut it to six. We have to stop doing that. That kind of stuff is disappointing."

On his team's play
"I was pleased with the way Becki (Ashbaugh) played. She played really hard, even coming back off an injury (ankle sprain in second half). Julie Butler and Kendra Rhea were really solid off the bench. Caroline Gruening had some shining moments and did a really good job I thought defensively. I thought we got good minutes off the bench from Kristen Franklin."

Santa Clara Junior Guard Becki Ashbaugh (19 points)
On the team's play
"I felt like we were really up and down. We had gone on good stretches, then right after that, we'd have a letup and let them back in the game. And that's something we really have to work on. We've been inconsistent like that all year. Hopefully, we can straighten that up down the stretch."