Post Game Quotes

Jan. 20, 2001

Head Coach Chris Denker
On winning on the road in the WCC
"That was big for us. That was the biggest challenge and that's all we really talked about heading into tonight, not how we were going to defend this way, not how to run our offense that way, but respond. We were very disappointed to lose last night, the way we lost. We showed some heart. The kids played really hard. I'll tell you, after Saint Mary's, the looks on their faces was one of determination. Yesterday, we had a couple of shots that unfortunately we didn't make and tonight, before we started, we decided that that was not going to happen."

On Annie Garrison's 25 points
"I think the kids look to see and if they can get it inside to her, they will. But Annie's also really unselfish, sometimes to a fault. She understands what she did tonight. There's a time to be a little bit more selfish and take the ball to the basket. So that was good."

On speaking to his team at halftime down by five points
"It was a really simple deal. I didn't think there were any major adjustments needed to be made. We made a couple of minor ones, but it was more a matter of `have a frame of mind, get out there and decide if you're going to win the game. It's not going to be easy, USF is a good team. Road games in the WCC are never, ever, ever easy. It's not going to come easy.' They needed to step up and make big plays if they wanted to win the game. And they finally decided they were going to do it."

On the early conference race
"We didn't feel out of it at all, but we felt we weren't playing particularly great for a while."

Senior Forward Annie Garrison
(25 points, 10 rebounds, fifth season double-double)
Yesterday, we had another close game and we didn't step up and win it in the end and we weren't going to let that happen again, so we all did what we had to do. This is especially a big win for us. We needed to come back and respond to that loss last night and show everybody in the conference what we're made of."

On head coach Chris Denker's halftime speech
"He said `Play with some heart and show us what you got.'"

On looking to score
"If that's how the play goes... we have a lot of good scorers on our team, so we just read and see what the defense give us and go with that."