Post Game Quotes

Jan. 19, 2001

Head Coach Chris Denker
"I thought it was a very, very good college basketball game. It was fun. The problem was, during the stretch, we found ways to lose. That disappoints me. We missed three chippies and two free throws at critical junctures down the stretch that one of those shots or one of those free throws and I think it's game over. (Katie) Davis banks that three to cut it to two but if we had made one of those shots, it would be a two-possession game with a minute left and we're good to go.

"But I give Saint Mary's all the credit in the world. They played a very good game and did what they had to do to win down the stretch."

About the timeout Denker too with :18 seconds left on the clock
"I just wanted to make sure we got a good shot. The previous trip we hadn't really got a particularly god shot. We were a little discombobulated if you will. We wanted a good shot. We had a mental error on the out of bounds play and disrupted the whole play.

"Another thing I thought was really important with this game was we talked about how critical rebounding was and they got two key offensive boards down the stretch. That just added insult to injury. The other thing that I thought was really huge was I think a lot of times, people look at this team and get enamored with the Dostys (forwards Jermisha and Jerkisha) but it goes far deeper than that. Their four key guards--Davis, (Hilary) Parker, (Corrie) Mizusawa, and (Julie) Morris--combined for 51 points, which is too much. The Dostys were under their average, scoring and rebounding."

Junior guard Caroline Gruening (17 points)
"It was a really good game, we played hard, but we didn't make the tough plays at the end and Saint Mary's did, unfortunately."