2008-09 Women's Basketball Blog

2008-09 Women's Basketball Blog
May 5, 2009

Hello out there in Broncoland!!

I am back for another entry to my spring time blog! We are about halfway done with the spring quarter and I am sure I speak for my teammates when I say we are all looking forward to summer!! Midterms are about done so we are all gearing up for our final papers, projects, and tests...the most stressful time of the quarter!!

However we have found some time for some spring time fun, whether it be getting away for the weekend or taking part in school sponsored activities. I was able to venture off to Tahoe for a weekend at the beginning of the quarter and although I did not partake in any skiing or snowboarding, I did do a bit of tubing down some manmade courses and it was AWESOME! Being from southern California I don't get to see snow too much so I was really excited! Kathy and I also went to my home for the weekend. I haven't been home since Christmas so it was really nice to be home for a while. We went to the beach, did some girly things like shopping and getting our nails done, and we also went to a Britney Spears concert. I know what you are thinking...Britney Spears???? Really?? Yes really!!! And it was GREAT!!!

Becky went to her grandmas beautiful home for Easter and spent some time down there with her family' which I know she enjoyed a lot!! Alyssa also went home for Easter weekend to see her family and celebrate her mom's birthday!!

Maggie, Rhi, and Victoria all took part in our campuses Earth Day. It was an all day celebration of living sustainably, respecting the earth, and doing what you can to contribute to the bettering of our planet!! I was so excited to go but barely made it because of my busy day but I did get to make some Peace chains that are available at the fair. Along with that, you could take part in tie-dying, bracelet making, pot decorating, and learning about sustainable activities.

That's about it for now Bronco Fans!
Peace and Love

Apr. 20, 2009

Hellllooooo Broncoooo Fansss!!!

So we are now deep into our spring training and I would say that things are going really well. Workouts have been tough (waking up in the early mornings is probably harder than any workout though haha) but everybody has great attitudes and we are all working really hard. I'm sure you are wondering what are workout days consist of so I'll give a little peak into what we do on a regular day Tuesday mornings I wake up at about 5:20, take my little puppy Brucie out to the bathroom and then get myself dressed and fed and leave for workouts at about 5:40ish.

Workouts start at 6 am with a little warm up and then we start with the workout. Every Tuesday we have what Joe calls "Tuesday Test Time." It consists of 12 rounds of 6 exercises and the goal is to get through it as fast as you can and as easy as it sounds, it is extremely tiring. Because Vicki and I are still recovering from injuries our setup for the workout is a bit different. We do 8 rounds of 30 body weight squats, 20 step-ups, and 4 of the rounds we have to do 400 strides on the elliptical and 4 rounds of .25 miles on the bike. Again, it doesn't sound too awful (which is what I thought when Joe first explained it to me) but it definitely is good not only to get the body strong, but also to make us mentally strong because it takes a lot of mental of toughness to get through it.

After our weights workout we hit the court for footwork and a bit of conditioning thrown in. We normally do 2 rounds of 8 stations that consist of exercises such as jumping over hurdles, working on our quick feet through a ladder, defensive slides, and other things to help us work on our quickness and explosiveness.

After the court is the best part of the day. POOL WORKOUT!!! I must say we have some really good swimmers on the team...NOT! We definitely would not make a very good swim team, but we have made tremendous improvements in only 3 weeks haha. Maggie is probably the most amusing in the pool. She is starting to get a hang of the breathing while swimming...a very important aspect of swimming. I'm going to brag a little bit about my skills now. I was the second seed in our swimming competition behind Rhi who was the number 1 seed, and I represented for the post players and beat her in a head to head duel. However, she has beat me almost every other time. We also make a very good team when swimming together. The coaches had us do relay races and Rhi and I lapped Coach Mountain and Leigh...TWICE!! I like to remind them of that whenever I get the chance haha!!

We also do this every Thursday and Friday along with school, pickup, individuals, and getting shots up 5 times a week. Sometimes we even manage to sleep haha. We are busy Broncos but all this hard work is going to pay off next season for us!! Alright Bronco fans I hope you enjoyed your little peak into our Spring training!!

Until next time,

Peace and Love

Mar. 20, 2009

Happy Spring Bronco Fans!!!

I will be taking over the blog for our Spring quarter and giving all you great bronco fans an inside look at what our spring off season is like! School started today and I feel like a never really got a break. I think that Spring break should definitely be at least two weeks. However it is great seeing all my friends back after being away from them for about 10 days. From the sound of it everybody really enjoyed their break and we all had fun adventures. I personally went to the cold and rainy state of Oregon (I know I know it's not really that cold, but hey I'm a SoCal girl at heart and LOVE my sunshine!). My best friend goes to school at Oregon State so I went to visit her for about 5 days. We didn't do much but we did make it out to the Oregon coast which on a nice day is probably a great place but when I went it was cold. And rainy. And did I mention it was cold??? It was still fun as we got a little crazy in the head and braved the water with our feet which was probably a worse feeling then getting in the coldest ice bath you can imagine!!

As for the rest of my teammate, Kendall was in Palms Springs visiting friends, Rhianna went on a roadtrip with Sara to visit friends and family, and Becky got to stay at her grandparents beautiful house!!

Everybody is back and ready to go for Spring quarter and workouts (which will be at 6 in the morning I might add). We are going to focus on getting healthy most importantly and really improving our skills on the court. As for the weight room, Joe is chomping at the bit to get us in there and start getting us strong and fit so that we are ready to go to battle with ANYONE next year!!! We are also going to be having pool workouts 3 times a week. This should be interesting as I'm sure we are all land athletes for a reason.

Alright Bronco Fans I hope you all enjoyed my first Spring time blog and hope you all come back next week to check in!!

Peace and Love

Dec. 11, 2008

Hey all!

Finals are over!!!! I know we are all very happy winter break is here. (Poor Claire has a paper due tomorrow still and I think Lauren has a Friday final in the morning, but besides that we are all done). We had Sunday and Monday off to study and write papers. (I think I wrote a total of 100 pages in the past week between lab reports and the first draft of my senior thesis). We had a short practice on Tuseday, and then Wednesday was off again. (Tuesday and Wednesday were bad news, 3 finals in 24 hours... 6:30 Tuesday night, 9:10 and 1:30 on Wednesday... my head was throbbing when it was over... that's too much thinking for a single day!) We were able to get in to the gym and do individual workouts with the coaches throughout the week since we didn't practice much. But I was gracious for the time off, and used every second of it to study. (yes, I'm a nerd.)

We head to Utah tomorrow morning at eleven... yes, that's right we are still on the road. We finally get to play in Leavey again next week, on the 18th.

Kimee and I are getting two new roommates over the break. Kendal and Claire are going to crash in our living room.  The other four who live on campus are going to be housed in the St. Claire dorm over break. We are excited for time off from classes, hopefully we can do lots of brainless activities like watch movies and bake Christmas cookies. Also we need to have our annual Christmas sweater party... we all go to Savers and buy the ugliest Christmas sweaters and get together and decorate Christmas cookies! Its pretty entertaining.

Well I finally had time to clean up today, and I think Kimee and I are going to decorate the apartment tonight!

Oh and I want to say Happy Birthday to Claire and Emily (my lil sister who turned 20!) who's birthdays were on the 1st of December, (and happy )and happy birthday to Kelli Parker who's birthday is Saturday. Oh yeah and Happy Birthday to Molly, another sister of mine who turned 18 on Nov. 28th !


Nov. 27, 2008


Watching Elf on the bus ride to Miami this morning got nixed because Sara and the coaches think Christmas movies aren't allowed until the day after Christmas... so we watched Gladiator instead. Florida is extremely flat, and it's all swampland. The drive was about two hours long. We practiced at Miami from 3-5 and then returned to the hotel and had a Thanksgiving feast catered by Boston Market! We went around the table and shared what we were thankful for. I miss having Thanksgiving with my family, but the SCU basketball team is my home away from home, and I loved spending it with them. After dinner there was a short dance party, Brittany went and got the speakers and the freshman and sophomores put on a little dance for the rest of us. Soon enough everyone was dancing... even Claire bust a few moves for the coaches.

Nov. 26, 2008

I went to Target and Barnes and Noble this morning with the coaches and Aliyah (JR's beautiful baby girl), Katelyn (the #1 Team Manager!!), Sabrina (media) and Gina (trainer). The weather is so nice here I had to get out in the sunshine. We played Florida Gulf Coast today. We never fully recovered from 12 possessions in the first half where we didn't score. However, we fought back and had an opportunity to win late in the game. Rhi and Kathy came in and did a lot of good things for us off the bench. Kathy brought energy, she took a charge and did a great job of kicking it out to the wings from down low (FGCU was doubling our posts). Rhi played solid D for us and hit some important shots.

Nov. 25, 2008

Early morning this morning. We got up at six to head for the airport. Disappointing loss last night against the Lumberjacks, we really didn't have much of a flow going on offense... we're still working out the kinks (it will come...) and our defensive intensity wasn't where it needed to be. Our biggest struggle right now is taking care of the ball. We are just giving opponents too many easy opportunities.

I have to point out though that this game was played at the highest elevation I have ever played at...7,000 ft above sea level. There was a kind warning plastered on the wall of the gym that said "Warning! You are at 7,000 ft. If you feel faint or dizzy during physical activity cease activity immediately."

We spent seven hours in the same plane today...from Phoenix we flew to Kansas City, then to St. Louis, and then from there to Ft. Myers, FL. The flight attendants were nice, and kept us a constant supply of apple breakfast bars, but it was still a long time without a meal! When we got in to Ft. Myers we went right to practice at South Ft. Myer's HS and then to dinner at TGI Friday's.

Nov. 24, 2008

Hey All!

Sorry for such a long delay in posting a blog!!! We are three games into the season now, and looking to get our first win against the NAU Lumberjacks tonight. This game begins a five game road trip for us over the Thanksgiving break. We head back to Phoenix after the game tonight to fly to Ft. Myers, Florida tomorrow. We play Florida Gulf Coast Wednesday, and then drive to Miami Thursday for a tourney there on Friday and Saturday. Finally we play UC Davis before returning to SCU on Monday night.

Last night we had a delicious pasta bar at the house of one of Kimee's family friends. Claire and Kelly entertained us all on the piano...Kelly plays by ear, a hidden talent we didn't know about! Haha

Oct. 17, 2008

The season has arrived! We had our first official practice this morning. It felt great to be back out on the court and begin working on getting this year rolling. The two hour practice flew by, until the end that is... we sorta had some issues making our free throws and had to run a little bit. We have a lot to get in during the next three weeks, we open up November 11th! But we are going to put in the hours and get stuff down so in March we are a force to reckon with. This afternoon, after a test and presentation, I went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner with some teammates and friends. If you haven't been there I highly recommend it, all you can eat salad and other fresh food...and of course endless dessert. They always lose money when the SCU basketball team shows up... the trick is to go at 3:50 right before it they change to the dinner price, and then you can stay and eat the dinner food when it comes out too! We spent well over an hour there, hahaha.

Yesterday we met as a team to talk about how practice was going to be structured and what was expected of us. And it was basically Christmas too, we got our new gear! We got our new backpacks, sweats, fleeces, practice gear, and some shirts... I can't believe we are so spoiled! And I am so thankful to all those who donate to scholarship funds and the athletic department to make that possible, it is really amazing how well we are treated here.

After a semi-relaxing week resting the body (it would have been much nicer had I not had a molecular biology midterm Tuesday...) we have a busy schedule this weekend. Tomorrow we have a double day (morning and evening practice) and then Sunday after a morning practice we are all going to the soccer game (I think they are going to introduce the basketball teams at half time). Well, time to hit the books, I have some research to do for my Senior Design Project...

`Til Next time
(or should I say "Lizzie," the new nickname I have been christened with --thanks JR)

Oct. 2, 2008


Two weeks away from season! We started having team workouts and are putting in our offense. We are going to be running the floor a lot and also involving the posts a lot more. I think the new system is going to add a great new dimension to SCU women's basketball. The other upper classmen and I are already familiar with the offense we are putting in. We have had to learned it twice a year for the past three years when we would run through Gonzaga scout!

The novelty of being back in school has already worn off... I had to do homework this weekend. (Classes are not awful. Although it's slightly embarrassing to admit, I actually kind of enjoy them... but they are still fun to complain about!) This quarter I am taking a Spanish class, a technical writing class, molecular biology, intro to programming, and the class for my senior design project. The good news is I only have one class with a lab (molecular). Labs are typically hard to fit in around basketball, but so far it's worked out and I am on track to graduate in the spring with a degree in bioengineering and a minor in Spanish!!

My plans for next year are still uncertain. I definitely see more schooling in my future but I haven't decided if I want to go to graduate school or take a year off to work before going to medical school.

Claire and I are doing physics right now. She has a homework set due tomorrow and we are trying to rack our brains and remember how to calculate the electric field due to charged rods... exciting huh? Along with physics Claire is taking a religion class and developmental psychology. Claire is also on track to graduate in the spring with a combined science degree. She is in the process of applying to physical therapy schools. She already has a couple interviews set up for this fall!!

Hopefully I will come up with something a little more interesting for next week.

Sept. 24, 2008

Hello Bronco fans!!!

This is Elizabeth Doran (#30!!). I will be writing the Bronco blog this fall, giving you a taste of what it's like as a Bronco basketball player. We've all been back on campus since workouts officially began on the 15th of September. It feels great to get back into the swing of things!

Last week, before classes started, we went on a team retreat to a beach house in Capitola. But this wasn't an ordinary team bonding trip... we all were a part of the Amazing Race: Bronco Style (any other Amazing Race fans out there?). The coaches split us into three teams and we had around ten tasks to complete. Before I go on, I must point out that I was on the winning team along with Lena, Kimee, Rhi and Brittany!. The race started in the locker room where we were given a series of questions about Santa Clara and SCU athletics that we had to answer before we could receive the directions to the beach from Coach Mountain. We were running around Leavey asking staff members questions, because most of the answers couldn't be found online. The questions were along the lines of what is Coach Keating's wife's name or what type of food has Coach Malcolm never eaten? (He's never had a PB&J or macaroni and cheese for those of you who are curious...).

We finished the first leg of the race at the wharf in Capitola. After our pit stop for lunch at the beach house right on the wharf, the race continued and we ran around town completing tasks. On my team Lena had to serve ice cream at the ice cream stand, and Brittany had to drink a raw egg on top of a railroad bridge. We all had to eat a jalapeño pepper at the local Mexican restaurant, and then Kimee and I swam a couple hundred yards out into the Pacific to receive our final clue from a buoy. Each clue we had acquired had a puzzle piece with a letter on it, and the final task was to run to the end of the wharf and tell Coach Mountain the word the letters spelled (it ended up being Essential). I could tell the coaches put a lot of time organizing the race, it seemed like the entire downtown knew we were coming. We all had tons of fun and the race demonstrated that each of us is an essential piece to the success of our team.

We are back in the classroom this week and are continuing to work hard on the court and in the weight room. We've got a lot of new faces this year... but I am excited because it's a great group! I will let you all know about the newbies in the following weeks.

Before I go I want to give a shout-out to my fellow teammate Kimee Goeggel who turned 22 on Tuesday! Happy Birthday Roomie!!

Later, Elizabeth