Catching Up with Jimmy Moore

Catching Up with Jimmy Moore

After redshirting his first year and playing sparingly last year as a redshirt freshman, Jimmy Moore (JM) has developed into a major offensive threat for the Santa Clara men's water polo team.  Half-way through this season Jimmy is among the team leaders with nine goals, two assists and seven steals.  With all of those being career highs, (SCB) caught up with Moore to talk about his personal progress, the team's standing so far this season and his family legacy on the water polo team.

SCB: What has been the key to your improvement as a player from last year to this year?

JM: After last season I made the decision to stay in Santa Clara and practice through the summer as opposed to returning home to Los Angeles. It was long summer with a tough schedule, but I think it really benefitted everyone who stayed around to play. We got to work on our game and became much closer as a team.

SCB: While it came in a tough loss to No. 2 Cal, how did that first goal of your career feel?

JM: It felt great, although I can't take all of the credit. It was a penalty shot that was drawn by one of my teammates, Theo Nasser. Nonetheless, it was nice to put the ball in the back of the net.

SCB: With this being your third year on the team, what kind of leadership role have you taken?  What have you learned from the guys who came before you?

JM: As an upperclassman, I am really trying to facilitate everyone else in the pool. However, I'm still learning and taking notes from our current captains, Michael Wishart, Daley Meistrell and James Case. All of the seniors on the team have taught me a lot in the last three years, and the program is going to miss them.

SCB: With a record of 11-10 so far this season, your team has only played one game at home.  Can you speak to your difficult schedule and the struggles of playing on the road?

JM: It's tough playing away games weekend after weekend. We knew we were going to have a hard schedule, so there is no use complaining about it.  We are really looking forward to hosting The Rodeo tournament towards the end of the month.  We're hoping to get as many fans to come out and watch in order to make it a fun and competitive atmosphere.

SCB: Your older brothers Peter and Charlie helped pave the way for you.  What does it mean to you being the third Moore brother to play water polo here at Santa Clara?

JM: It's a really great experience. I remember watching my brothers play for Santa Clara when I was growing up and I always wanted to be a part of the team. It's great to finally be here. Watching them play was great, but I'm definitely looking forward to matching up against them in our annual alumni game at the end of the month.