Men's Soccer Seniors Final Thoughts

Men's Soccer Seniors Final Thoughts

Nov. 12, 2008

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Before taking the field for their final regular-season games of their Santa Clara careers, the men's soccer team's graduating seniors checked in with to share their fondest memories as a Bronco and notes of thanks.

Playing soccer at Santa Clara has been such an honor as well as one of the greatest experiences of my life. The enjoyment of 30 individuals coming together for one goal and succeeding has been something that will always leave an impact on my life, whatever my future entails. I will never forget our Sweet 16 penalty kick victory at Indiana. Freezing temperature, a packed stadium and a thrilling finish is why I love this game. That sophomore playoff experience culminating in our Elite 8 appearance was unquestionably the greatest on field achievement of my Santa Clara career. But, whether we were grinding it out, running BB's or having the time of our lives in Japan for Spring Break, my teammates were always by my side. Thank you all and I will miss you. Mom and dad, you have always been in my corner and without you, none of this would be possible. To everyone behind me, enjoy it while it lasts, we are truly blessed.

-Brian Martin #17


#8 Jide Ogunbiyi

My favorite moments over the past four years were our run to the Elite 8 during my sophomore year and our unbeaten run in league last year. The main lesson I have learned during my time at Santa Clara is to never take anything for granted and to work hard for everything you want. To my current and past teammates, I would say thanks for all the memories, it's been fun and good luck in the future. I would like to thank my coaches for all they have taught me over the years. I truly feel like I have learned a great deal throughout my years here. I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to play at Santa Clara and for their support in everything I have ever wanted to do. I could not have made it through without them.

-Jide Ogunbiyi #8


#6 Aaron Clubb

Over the years I have experienced great times with my teammates that I will always keep with me. Traveling with the team, to different states and abroad, was always fun for me. I will miss game days and our team celebrating after a goal or a win. I will also miss working towards a common goal with my teammates. Soccer has been one of the biggest commitments of my life. The times I have felt the most proud, excited, disappointed along with many more emotions has come from soccer and the passion I have for it. At Santa Clara I have formed a true brotherhood with all of my teammates. The memories and friendships will always stay with me and for that I am grateful. I would like to thank the coaching staff at Santa Clara for the opportunity they have given me. To my family and friends, and those who have coached me in the past thank you for all you have done. To say the least, it has been an amazing experience.

-Aaron Clubb #6

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