Postmatch Quotes

Dec. 12, 2003

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Indiana Head Coach Jerry Yeagley
On Santa Clara:
"First of all, congratulations to Santa Clara. They're a wonderful team. It was a great game. They were used to overtime, so they were probably thinking, 'Hey, we're in overtime. Let's go.' They were a great representative of their conference and the West Coast. I'm sure they will be back in the future."

On his team:
"What can you say? It was an unbelievable season. All our players played with heart and all their players played with heart, too. A lot of guys stepped up big time in a high-pressure situation. It's a test of a championship team: can you win a tough game?"

On his team's defense:
"Our defense has been consistent since early October. I think we've only given up seven goals since early October, and tonight we played great."

On facing St. John's:
"St. John's looked great tonight. We played them in a wonderful game two years ago that we won in two overtimes. I'm sure they haven't forgotten. It will be a difficult challenge for us."

On the low score:
"It was difficult to get behind their defense. That was their strength all year."

On making the National Championship game:
"No one expected a young team in the national championship game except the players and the coaches. It's a wonderful accomplishment."

On freshmen:
"Our freshmen are not playing like freshman anymore."

Sophomore midfielder Pat Yates
On the winning goal:
"I got into midfield and made a run to the net. I got ready to get hit pretty hard by the goalie so I flipped the ball up, but he never game and I was fortunate enough for it go to in."

Santa Clara Head Coach Cameron Rast
On the loss:
"First off, congratulations to Indiana, they played a great game. We had a great run and it took a great goal to beat us. Having said that, we are thankful for the chance to play in it."

On the overtime:
"We have played in a few overtimes this season and this one did not affect us mentally."

Junior Midfielder Will Weatherly On his crossbar shot:
"I remember hearing the countdown and I thought I could catch the goalkeeper out of position. Unfortunately, the goalkeeper was a big guy and I was unlucky."