Strong Spring Has Men's Soccer Ready for Run at NCAA Tournament

Strong Spring Has Men's Soccer Ready for Run at NCAA Tournament

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – As the Broncos men's soccer 2014 spring season has come to an end, head coach Cameron Rast gives an overview on how the spring season went as well as highlighting several players' performances. Rast also comments on how the games against UC Davis and The Bay Area Selection team were great experiences for the guys and the upcoming 2014 fall season.

"In all, I think it went good, we had a couple of guys that have done a real good job and stepped up this spring" said Rast. "This spring when looking at players, we needed certain players to emerge as consistent and dominant players."

The Broncos finished the spring season with a 3-0-2 record.  Playing an array of teams this spring really gave the players and coaches a more dynamic view on how to prepare for the upcoming 2014 fall season. The Broncos most recent opponents, UC Davis and The Bay Area Selection team which is made of ex-pros and former college players have been a good learning experiences for the team. "I think it was a good learning experience on having a different look of what we are going to have to contend with further down," continued Rast. "With knowing how to defend against a team that knows how to move the ball very well as well as a team that sits in deep that makes it tough to attack, so both of those things were good lessons."

As Rast concludes his opinion on having a good quality of competition from his opponents this spring, Dylan Autran, Max Ornstil, and Kendall McIntosh were praised for being some of the players that stepped up this spring.

Dylan Autran, a sophomore heading to be a junior this upcoming fall season was valued for working hard this spring as well as scoring some goals. Rast comments that," Dylan, has done a good job for us this spring and he had a game where he scored a couple goals which was nice, but in all, he played well and that is just as valuable to us."

As of Max Ornstil, "he has been really competitive and has grown in areas that we've asked him to grow in and that's been fun to watch.  I think he's going to be a big contributor to us," said Rast.

Last to be mentioned, Rast was delighted by McIntosh's consistent performance all throughout the spring. Rast said, "I've been very pleased with him in his consistent performance this spring as well as the only goal that he's taken so far which was off a shot where it happened quickly in the midfield and the kid just hit a blast past him."

As Rast gives a positive review of the 2014 spring season, the Broncos have a busy, but active schedule this summer as they head to getting back on track towards making a NCAA Tournament appearance.

Congratulations to all the Bronco seniors as graduation is coming up and as they continue to pursue their careers both on and off the field. 

Go Broncos!