Kendall McIntosh Believes His Team Will be a Contender in December

Kendall McIntosh Believes His Team Will be a Contender in December

Written by James LeClercq '17


Kendall McIntosh (KM), a sophomore goalkeeper has been living up to expectations in his first full year as a Bronco starter. In 2012, McIntosh represented the U.S. U-20 Men's National Team at the Northern Ireland Milk Cup. He has taken advantage of what he learned overseas and with the National Team and put it towards his success here at Santa Clara. With hard work and dedication McIntosh believes this team can make it to the postseason and contend into December.

SCU: How has the transition of becoming a starter been for you so far this year? 

KM: It's been going well. I've been focusing on key performance goals with the team and everything has been clicking pretty well overall, so I've been happy with the transition. The coaching staff has also really helped me with my transition especially through trainings and film sessions.  A lot of it comes down to preparation and I think the staff has done a great job of preparing me for my role in the team this year.

SCU: Are there any upperclassmen that have helped you adjust to the bigger role?

KM: All the upperclassmen have helped me adjust to my role on the team. Whether it's talking tactics and solutions to problems on the field with Daus, extra shooting with Carlos, learning how to battle for the whole game from Phil, getting a different perspective on the game from guys like Gates, or just hearing about past experiences and ideas from Harry, Keigo and David. I think each one of them had a significant role in helping me to adjust.  

SCU: Any game-day superstitions? Specific pre-game meals, routines, etc.?

KM: I try to eat sour-patch kids before every game, but sometimes they're not readily available so I go for the closest substitutes (i.e. Skittles, red-vines, sour-patch watermelons etc.)

SCU: What is your main goal for the rest of the season?

KM: My main goal for the rest of the season is to do what I can to help win our remaining games, which will put us in the best position to win the conference, which will also consequently, put us in the best position to get into the post season. I think we have the quality in our team to do so and it just comes down to execution in the most important moments. If we pull together the performances we're capable of having I think we'll be in a good position to achieve these goals and keep our season going into late November and hopefully even December.

SCU: What is your favorite part about SCU outside of soccer?

KM: My favorite part about Santa Clara outside of soccer has to be the overall college experience. I think that I've been learning a lot not only in the classroom but also socially and I believe that Santa Clara has allowed me to make connections with different groups of people that I will hopefully have a chance to stay in contact with later in life. 

SCU: How was it playing for the U-20 U.S. National team this past Spring/Summer?

KM: Playing with the National Team this summer was one of the best experiences I've had thus far in my life. I learned so much from the staff there; especially from my goalkeeper coach Russell Payne. It was great to be playing with the best guys in the country for my age.  An experience like that really pushes you every day to improve and compete because the day you stop improving and competing is the day you are no longer there. I learned some great lessons playing with the National Team as well as traveling and experiencing different cultures. I hope I can share some of the lessons I learned on and off the field during my National Team experience with the guys on the team in hopes that it will help us to continue to grow and develop both individually and as a unit.