Parker Holland Looks Back on Rookie Season

Parker Holland Looks Back on Rookie Season

Written by James LeClercq '17

After a two-game sweep last weekend, freshman defender Parker Holland (PH) talks about his transition in becoming a starter for the Broncos in his rookie season. He also discusses how the leaders and upperclassmen on the team have helped him become a better player and have helped to improve his level of play.

SCU: Why did you choose Santa Clara University?  

PH: I chose Santa Clara for a variety of reasons. I was definitely convinced by the opportunity to play for a great soccer program where I felt like I could fit in well. I knew as soon as I visited that this was the school that I wanted to go to. Also, going to Santa Clara gives me the chance to receive a one in a kind academic experience.

SCU: What is one thing you're looking forward to here at Santa Clara?

PH: One thing I'm really looking forward to is winning big games with my team. There's nothing better than the feeling you get after winning a hard fought battle, and I believe we have a team that win a lot of huge games. We have won a few big games already (including wins over ranked opponents Gonzaga and UC Irvine on the road), and there are definitely more to come.

SCU: Do you have any goals as a player for your first college season?

PH: Personally, my goal is to do whatever it takes to help my team win. When it comes down to it, I need to play my role and step up when I am needed. This is a belief that I think everyone on the team shares, which really helps us mesh well together.   

SCU: How has your transition in becoming a starter at the college level been?

PH: My transition to the college level has been greatly helped by the upperclassmen and the coaches. It is definitely a different style game, a lot faster and stronger, and just being pushed by my teammates and coaches has helped more than I could imagine. They expect me to execute and give 100% all the time, and also want to help me to be the best that I can be.

SCU: What do you like most about playing for the Broncos?

PH: What I like most about playing for the Broncos is easily the team itself. All of the guys work great with each other and get along really well. The camaraderie among the freshman class is great, as well as with the team in general. This translates well on the field as everyone is willing to work hard for their teammates. 

SCU: What upper classmen have helped you out the most this season?

PH: The upperclassmen have all really helped me out a ton, and it's definitely tough to pinpoint certain ones. The ones that really stand out to me are the captains, Mark Daus and Phil Muscarella. They aren't afraid to criticize me when I'm not executing or working hard enough, and they're always giving me helpful pointers and letting me know about things I could work on. They, along with the other seniors, really set the standard that I work towards.