Harrison Hanley Talks About Going into Second Half of Conference

Harrison Hanley Talks About Going into Second Half of Conference

Written by Sofia Huerta '15

Harrison Hanley is a senior for the men's soccer team and is doing everything he can to help his team end up at the top. After working hard this summer to prepare for his last season as a Bronco, Hanley has scored crucial goals for the Broncos against Saint Mary's and also versus Gonzaga. Hanley talks about what his team's goals for the second half of the season and expresses how proud he is of his team.

SCB: What did you do this summer to prepare for your last season as a Bronco?

HH: Over the summer I did a few different things to prepare for my last season. I practiced with the PDL team Ventura County Fusion, played with my old club for Real So Cal u23, and started doing cross fit training 3 times a week. It was probably my busiest summer in terms of training so I think that really helped me to be prepared. 

SCB: How do you feel like your senior season has been going so far?

HH: I feel like the year started off a bit slow with how young our team is, but we're finally starting to click and starting to play really well. It always takes some time to create chemistry within a team, and with the number of guys we had coming in I think it's great to finally have a strong connection throughout the group. 

SCB: What goes through your mind when you score goals in big games?

HH: It's really an indescribable feeling. I'm just happy that I can contribute to the team's success and I'm excited for our team to have more opportunities to win big games.  

SCB: What's the most rewarding part about contributing to your team's wins?

HH: The most rewarding part is knowing that my family was watching. Unfortunately they don't get to make it out to every game, but they've seen every one whether it's from the stands or from the live stream online so it was really great to show something and make them proud. 
SCB: What are some changes you want to make to your game?

HH: I want to be able to influence the game defensively a lot more. If I can get back and help the center midfielders then I feel like we'll have more opportunities to win the ball and go forward. 

SCB: What are your team's goals going into the second half of the season?

HH: We really want to focus on not giving up easy goals. There have been many games that we've dominated but haven't been able to win because of small moments where we couldn't finish or make the best defensive play. If we can tighten up our performances then we're going to be a very hard team to beat going into the second half of the season. 

SCB: Anything else you want to say about your team?

HH: I just want to say I'm really proud of the group of guys we have. We've been through a lot this season and I think we've grown stronger as a team. Let's finish this season strong boys!

Come out and join the Broncos when they host Saint Mary's this Friday at 7pm.