Talking with Three-Time All-WCC Midfielder Brandon Zimmerman

Talking with Three-Time All-WCC Midfielder Brandon Zimmerman

By: Maxine Goynes '11

Brandon Zimmerman (BZ), a native of Pasco, Wash. and a rising senior known for his aggressive play, is ready to come back to Santa Clara University and start the upcoming fall season.  The three-time All-WCC midfielder will be an integral part of the Santa Clara men's soccer team and (SCB) was able to speak with him about his feelings about the year and what he has been doing this summer to prepare for the season.

SCB: What are you focusing on this summer to be at your best for the upcoming fall season?
BZ: My main focus for the summer will be fitness and technical work. I am most concerned with coming into preseason fit so the team and I can focus on becoming a better soccer team rather than running up and down the field because the proper work wasn't put in over the summer. I also am going to focus on spending time with the ball. It is fun and it will only make me better for the upcoming season.

SCB: What are you strengths as a player? What are your weaknesses?
BZ: I think my best strengths as a player are things that anyone can accomplish but don't always choose to do so. I think I am best recognized as a hard-nose player that works hard, competes and attempts to simplify the game. My weakness has always been a bad temper. It can be a double-edged sword as I have found it to be one of the strong motivating forces in my life, as well as the biggest drawback in my game. It can lead to either extraordinary things being accomplished or huge discouragement and disappointment, so being aware of it will be important for me in the fall.

SCB: In what position will you most likely be playing this upcoming fall?
BZ: I will more than likely be in an attacking midfield role this fall. This is not my most comfortable position and I do not see myself having a future there but I have been more than willing to do what the coaches feel is best for the team. I am much more comfortable in a defensive midfield position.

SCB: As an upperclassman, how is your role different this next season?
BZ: In any organization or team, the older you get the more people look up to you. When I was younger I could get away with some of the bad decisions made on or off the field but now it is important for all of the upperclassmen, including myself, to be self- aware in our actions as it will set the environment for the younger guys in the program for years to come.

SCB: What are your own personal goals for the fall season?
BZ: I like to stay away from personal goals in team sports such as soccer. I can sit here and say I want to do this or that and in the end no one will really care what you do unless your team wins. I think a good personal goal that everyone should have is to contribute in one way or another to the success of the team.

SCB:  What keeps you motivated throughout the summer when you are doing workouts on your own?
BZ: During the summer when much of the work I have to do is by myself my motivation comes from my competitive side. The thought of other players, my teammates or other collegiate players, working harder than me doesn't really seem acceptable. If I am not going to work my hardest to accomplish something then I might as well not be doing it at all.