Quotes - Santa Clara at Indiana - NCAA Tournament Third Round

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Head coach Cameron Rast, on game: "I am very proud of the team's effort tonight. We were coming off a tough game on Wednesday and we knew that we would have to come in here and beat a very good Indiana team. We created some chances and played well enough to win"

Rast, on Indiana rivalry: "It was another epic match with Indiana. We have now played Indiana six times in the NCAA Tournament and every time it comes down to the end. Tonight we were able to battle a good team to a draw and pull it out in penalties."

Rast, on penalty kicks: "It comes down to a battle of wills when you get to penalty kicks and tonight we were able to win that battle."

Erik Ustruck, on game: "Tonight was just what we expected coming in. Both teams came out very hard and fought for everything. Unfortunately the game came down to penalties, but we were able to dig down and win it."

Ustruck, on team: "We had a total team effort tonight. We came into the game confident and ready to go and we got the result we came here for."