Meet Men's Golf Freshman Ronnald Monaco

April 9, 2009

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Freshman Ronnald Monaco has a lot to boast about as his first year as a Bronco. Not only has he learned to balance academics and athletics, but he has become a regular in the lineup in tournaments for the men's golf team. He sat down with to discuss his favorite activity - golf. How long have you been playing golf for?
Ronnald Monaco:
I picked a club when I was three years old. It was pretty much a babysitting tool for my uncle at first. It just started as something that he would bring me along to. It got to the point where I would hit buckets of balls. Then it became something that my uncle wouldn't participate in but would just watch me.

SCB: Did you take lessons?
I am pretty much self-taught. I haven't had too many lessons.

SCB: Why did you decide to come to Santa Clara to play golf?
I wanted a good school, both academically and athletically. Academics are so important to have something to fall back on. Golf wise, Robert Miller is a great coach. I like his attitude being more laid back. He is definitely full throttle but in his own way. He is a nice guy, really straight forward, and easy to talk to.

SCB: Do you have a favorite golfing memory?
I think the best experience I had was playing in the U.S. Junior in 2007. It was great. USGA puts in on and they give the juniors the same treatment as they would for the US Open. They treat you like they would Tiger Woods. The hospitality was just great. You have the top players from around the world and it was fun. I made it to the second round of match play.

SCB: What is it like being a freshman on the team?
I went into the season thinking I would try to play a lot. It was tough missing classes. I didn't get to play our first event but I have gotten a lot of playing time, and it looks like that will be the case in the spring as well. Experience helps so much. I am much more relaxed now and more comfortable. The more you play the more you know what to expect.

SCB: After you finish school in a few years, what do you think you want to do?
At this point, I want to at least try to go pro at least for a few years.

SCB: Who is your favorite golfer?
I like seeing the underdog win. I like Tiger, I like watching his swing and seeing how he handles himself. I like Fred Couples...I like his smooth temple and how relaxed he his on the course. He seems really personable and like he is always having a good time no matter what.