First Season in SCU Men's Golf for Tyler Kertson

First Season in SCU Men's Golf for Tyler Kertson

Written by Student Assistant Genre McAtee

Being a freshman this season, Tyler Kertson (TK) is going through a lot in his first year. Kertson talks about how this challenging experience is helping him grow as an individual.

SCU: What is it like being a freshman on the team? 
TK: Being a freshman is tough because you don't have the same experience as the older guys, but they help me out so it's not too bad. 

SCU: How is playing golf at Santa Clara helping you grow as an individual? 
TK: Golfing at Santa Clara is allowing me to mature as an individual because I am learning from mistakes and I am learning how to manage my time effectively.

SCU: What is your proudest golfing achievement?
TK: My proudest golf achievement is shooting 65 in the last round of University of Pacific's tournament in the fall to help the team shoot -17 the final day and finish as the runner-up.

SCU: Does your brother influence your playing at all?
TK: My brother somewhat influences my playing because he occasionally will come play with me and we'll play against each other and be competitive.