SCU Invitational Quote Sheet - 10/24/2006

Oct. 24, 2006


Head coach Rob Miller, on team's performance: "I don't think anyone is happy with another middle of the pack finish, but we've been trying to get looks a lot different players and see some variety in our lineup, but we'd like to play a little better than we have."

Miller, on play of his top three: "He (Eric Lillibridge) was steady, consistent. He is starting to come around. Jong [Yoon] has been our most solid player this fall. We can always count on him to give us some good scores. Blair [Myers] has been solid, and Eric [Lillibridge] is coming back, so those top 3 look really good this fall. We just have to solidify in the 4 and 5 spots. We'll have a pretty good spring if we can fill those spots."

Miller, on course conditions: "Overall I think the pin placements were not unfair, but they were difficult. Courses like this for college players don't play really long, so the greens are its defense, and they definitely made sure that scores didn't get too low by putting the pins in reasonably tough positions. It was just difficult to get to the pin to make birdies."

Jong Yoon, on tournament: "It was a good tournament. It was a little frustrating though. I felt really comfortable out there on the course, but I expected myself to come out and be able win. The last round I was pretty proud of how I came back. I birdied four of my last six holes and kind of showed what I could do out there."

Yoon, on foggy conditions: "It didn't really bother me. I knew where to hit it and I just trusted myself and went out there and hit the shots. The first couple of holes when the fog was the thickest I actually played pretty well. I went par-birdie on the first two holes so it really didn't bother me."

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