Toban Platt Defines Leadership For the Broncos

Toban Platt Defines Leadership For the Broncos

By Sara Vierra 15' 

Toban Platt (TP), senior captain on the Bronco's men's crew team said "being a leader means inspiring your team to do more and work harder than they otherwise would, all while having a good attitude." Platt has demonstrated his leadership throughout his experience with the Broncos on and off of the water as a member of the crew team.

Platt has made his college experience well rounded by achieving academic success, participating in programs like Bronco Leadership, and helping lead the men's crew team attain several victories, including a gold medal at the Pacific Coast's Rowing Championship last spring. 

With his college career coming to an end, Platt reflects on his time by answering a few questions for (SCB). 

SCB: Did you row before you came to Santa Clara University? 

TP: I didn't row before coming to Santa Clara University. In high school I played football and threw shot-put and discus on the track and field team.

SCB: Why did you decide to start rowing?

TP: I decided to start rowing because it's something I was always interested in and I was looking for a sport to do while I was in college. I was fortunate enough to be told about the crew team at the club fair my freshman year and have been rowing ever since. 

SCB: How would you describe your experience at Santa Clara University thus far?

TP: My experience at Santa Clara has been good thus far. The team won several races last year including a gold medal in the Men's Pair at the Pacific Coast's Rowing Championships last spring. This year we've set ourselves up to do really well and it looks as if we are in great shape.

SCB: As a team captain, what do you think are the most important aspects of leadership? How did you go about achieving this position?

TP: I have had the opportunity to think a lot about leadership because I am a representative of SAAC and am part of Bronco Leadership. Being a leader means inspiring your team to do more and work harder than they otherwise would, all while having a good attitude. I try and lead by example and help my team understand what is required of them in order to achieve the goals we have for the season. 

SCB: Your team raced in the San Diego Crew Classic during the first weekend of April. What did the team do to prepare for this event, considering spring break was the week before? 

TP: Our team headed into a week of training during spring break which gave us a chance to be on the water up to 6 hours a day and bond together as a team. It was the perfect opportunity to gain a lot of boat speed and confidence for the big race. 

SCB: Overall, how has being apart of crew and being on a team enriched your college experience?

TP: Rowing has allowed me to be a part of a varsity sport and make a group of friends that I will have forever. Rowing has also given me the opportunity to row with former, current and future Olympians and is something that I recommend everyone should try.