Keeping in Stride with Jake Carrigan

Keeping in Stride with Jake Carrigan

By Kaitlin Fuelling '13

Recently caught up one of the many seniors on the Broncos crew, Jake Carrigan from Glencoe, Illinois. Carrigan joined the Santa Clara team as a freshman but came in with some experience after rowing for three years at New Trier High School in Illinois. In 2008, he helped the Broncos place first at the Dad Vails Frosh 4 event and most recently helped SCU finish as the top West Coast Conference (WCC) boat at the 2010 Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) Championship.

Last November, the team placed second at Head of the Lagoon in Foster City. Recently, they finished third as a team at the Davis Invitational.

SCB:  You have already participated in a couple of races, however, as a senior, have you created any goals you would like to see your team achieve this season? What was your focus during the preseason? 

JC: Well, in the preseason we mostly focused on getting our new lineup used to rowing with each other. As for the rest of the season, I have a lot of little goals in mind. Using the momentum from last year to get a win at the WIRAs would be great. Some wins against Davis, OCC or Gonzaga would also be awesome.

SCB: Do you have any pregame/prerace superstitions or traditions you like to follow?

JC: That's evolved a lot over my years as a rower. When I started, I would dip my hands in the water at the starting line. Then, I started racing without socks, which is probably one of my weirder ones. At bigger races I'll try and watch a race or two alone and get a feel for the event. But, nowadays, I usually just take a lot of deep breaths and just try to visualize the race.

SCB: How is it different going into your last collegiate season, versus another year?

JC: I feel like it's pretty similar to most other sports. Every race becomes the last of its kind. It's bittersweet.

SCB: What would be something you benefited from or could take away from your experience as a student-athlete here at Santa Clara University?

JC: The early mornings have helped with my time management, but the benefit is worth less on some days. Also, I have gained a focus or the opportunity to be able to work and feel the rewards of something bigger than myself.

SCB: What has been the most rewarding experience from being a part of the Santa Clara men's crew team? 

JC: Definitely gaining the community of the team. I feel like I've learned a lot about myself from these guys. They're my family away from home.

SCB: What are your plans after you graduate from Santa Clara?

JC: That changes almost every time I get asked. I'd love to stay in the California area, but I could end up going anywhere depending on how the next couple months play out.