Men's Varsity 8 Gets First Win of the Season

Men's Varsity 8 Gets First Win of the Season

SACRAMENTO, Calif. Santa Clara won the feature race at the Sacramento State Invitational this weekend at Lake Natoma. The Varsity 8 boat out-raced the Cal Lights and Sonoma State for the top spot.

"It is always nice to get a win, especially as we move toward the meat of our schedule," said senior Tim Huss. "We felt like we've made strides over the last week and look forward to continue progressing toward San Diego and WIRAs at the end of the year."

Santa Clara's men's team will next race on Mission Bay in San Diego, March 27-28.

Varsity 8:
SCU V8 6:19.8
Cal lights 6:22.5
Sonoma State 6:24.7
SCU JV8 6:39.8
Humboldt State 6:50.1
Pacific 7:23.3

V8 lineup: stroke: Tim Huss, 7: Mike Republicano, 6: Wills Fallon, 5: Chad Johnson, 4: Jake Carrigan, 3: James Fish, 2: Chris Macko, bow: Chris Freeburg, cox: Laura Miotke.

JV8 lineup: stroke: Abe Checkoway, 7: Dan Calvillo, 6: James Conelly, 5: Adam Noble, 4: Thomas Favero, 3: Drew Norell, 2: Nikko Nascimento, bow: Brent Harvey, cox: Kelly Hall

Varisity 4:
SCU A 7:17
Sonoma State 7:20
Cal Lts 7:23.7
Humboldt State 7:34.2
Cal Maritime 7:42.8
SCU B 7:49.8
Pacific 7:56.4

lineup: A: 4: Wills Fallon, 3: Chad Johnson, 2: Chris Macko, bow: Mike Republicano, cox: Laura Miotke
B: 4: Abe Checkoway, 3: Dan Calvillo, 2: Nikko Nascimento, bow: Andy Pantoja, cox: Kelly Hall

Novice 4:
Sacramento State 7:33.7
SCU 7:52.7
Cal Lts B 8:04.1
Sonoma State 8:10.2
Cal Lts A 8:23.9
Cal Maritime 8:44.1

stroke: Jason Howard, 3: Tobe Platt, 2: Spencer Rahn, bow: Howie Limburg, cox: Angelica Salinas

Varsity Lightweight 4:
Cal lts 7:15.5
Sonoma State 7:25.9
Santa Clara 7:27.9
Humboldt St 7:44.4
Pacific A 8:21.5
Pacific B 8:34.7
Sac State 8:46.1

stroke: Jake Carrigan, 3: Chris Freeburg, 2: Tim Huss, bow: Brent Harvey, cox: Laura Miotke

Frosh/Novice 8:
Cal lts 6:53.2
Sac State 7:03.3
Sonoma State 7:08.5
Santa Clara 7:35.3

stroke: Jason Howard, 7: Spencer Rahn, 6: Thomas Favero, 5: Stephen Cooper, 4: Tobe Platt, 3: Drew Norell, 2: Milan Kantaria, bow: Howie Limburg, cox: Angelica Salinas.