Women's Crew Takes Third at Sacramento State Invitational

Women's Crew Takes Third at Sacramento State Invitational

March 17, 2008

GOLD RIVER, Calif. - Santa Clara women's crew headed up to Sacramento for the second weekend in a row. Along with Sacramento State the regatta included St. Mary's, Humboldt State, Mills and Sonoma State. The two varsity eights showed solid improvement from the previous week as they were able to close the gap on Sacramento State who took first place in both the Varsity 8 and the Second Varsity 8.

"Each time we race it's an opportunity to learn and improve," said head coach Carlo Facchino. "The crews showed good improvement from last week, but we've still got a long way to go and a lot of hard work ahead of us."

Santa Clara did post two first place finishes over the weekend. The first came in the Novice Lightweight Four (times not posted) and the second came in the Novice Four. "We've got a strong group of novices and it's been fun to see them improve and get stronger each week," said Facchino.

Santa Clara missed the Novice eight event due to boat breakage. It was disappointing for the novices to miss out on a chance to rematch Sacramento State who beat them by one second the previous week.

Women's crew's next event will be next Wednesday, March 26 at the Stanford Lightweight in Los Gatos, Calif.

Final Results

1. Sacramento State 7:01.8
2. Saint Mary's 7:03.4
3. Santa Clara 7:12.0
4. Humboldt State 7:29.4
5. Mills College 7:50.2

1. Sacramento State 7:04.7
2. Saint Mary's 7:20.0
3. Humboldt State 7:24.2
4. Santa Clara 7:25.1

1. Sacramento State 7:39.7
2. Sonoma State 7:43.1
3. Humboldt State 9:00.5
4. Mills College 9:21.7

1. Sacramento State 7:56.6
2. Humboldt State 8:20.8
3. Saint Mary's 8:24.9
4. Santa Clara 8:43.4

1. Sacramento State 8:04.2
2. Humboldt State A 8:19.2
3. Santa Clara 8:33.3
4. Humboldt State B 8:45.2
5. Pacific 8:49.3
6. Mills College 9:32.6

1. Santa Clara 8:24.7
2. Humboldt State A 8:38.0
3. Sacramento State 8:47.6
4. Sonoma State A 8:50.9
5. Sonoma State B 9:29.1
6. Humboldt State B 10:10.9