Santa Clara Crew Team Four Races Down in Fall Season

Santa Clara Crew Team Four Races Down in Fall Season

Nov. 28, 2007

Santa Clara, Calif. -- The Santa Clara men's crew team has begun their fall season and is showing great strides this year. With one win already under their belt, the team is looking forward to a successful season.

In the first race of the year, Head of the Port, in Sacramento, the Broncos opened up with a win from their A boat (coxswain Geoff Demander) with a time of 17:10. The B boat came in fourth with a time of 17:58. The four boat finished seventh with a time of 21:19. It was an encouraging start to the year in which the team defeated two rivals, Sacramento State and UC Davis who was using a mixed boat.

The next race, Head of the Charles, in Boston was a great experience for the team, going up against some strong competition including Harvard, Trinity, and Northeastern. The A boat placed 23rd with a time of 16:07 in an exciting race where 300,000 spectators saw multiple crashes and collisions in every event. Santa Clara also finished ahead of Boston University, Harvard and Yales backup boats, and the U.S. Coast Guard. Also competing in the race was a Santa Clara Alumni boat where Dan Plaine, the coach from the inaugural yeah was the stroke.

The team headed back to Sacramento for the Head of the America race. The A boat (Coxswain Kiely) finished second with a time of 16:35. The B boat came in seventh with a time 17:14. This was an encouraging race for the team as they beat some of their rivals and also the likes of USC, Cal Irvine, and Cal Lights. The Broncos only fell to UC Davis, but came away knowing that the usual winners of the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association title were within grasp.

The fourth race for the team, the NARF in Newport, was a challenge. The A boat finished tenth with a time of 15:52 and the B boat clocked in at 16:27 in 20th place. The four finished 17th with a time of 19:02 in the men's open four with coxswain category. The race may have been a slight letdown performance as the Broncos fell to some of the teams that they had beaten in the previous race.

The team may race next weekend at Redwood, but it remains to be seen.

Here are the lineups for the Bronco crew team. Some changes have been made during the year, but these have been the most concrete lineups.

'A' Boat line-up
Stroke - Tim Huss (Soph)
7 Seat - Evan Yates (Frosh)
6 Seat - Brendon Bula (Jr.)
5 Seat - Mike Republicano (Soph)
4 Seat - Jimmy Shoven (Sr.)
3 Seat - David Merselis (Sr.)
2 Seat - Andrew Schnider (Jr.)
Bow - Stephen Shanley (Sr.)

'B' Boat
Stroke - Josh Shumsky (Sr.)
7 Seat - James McGrath (Soph)
6 Seat - David Stanton (Sr.)
5 Seat - Chad Johnson (Soph)
4 Seat - James Connely (Soph)
3 Seat - Ryan Carlton (Sr.)
2 Seat - Luis Manrique (Soph)
Bow - Corey McGuire (Soph)

Stroke - Mike Truettner
3 Seat - Robert Flores
2 Seat - Brad Marweg
Bow - Paolo Braccini