Women's Crew Makes Strong Showing In Sacramento

Women's Crew Makes Strong Showing In Sacramento

March 7, 2007

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Santa Clara women's crew team kicked off their season this past weekend, traveling up to Sacramento for two full days of races where they were met with stiff competition.

On Saturday morning, the Broncos faced Sacramento State University in the Sacramento State Dual at Lake Natoma, where the two teams compete annually for the Jim Farwell Cup in the varsity eight race. As the Hornets are currently the reigning champions of the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) for the past four years, Santa Clara was up for a tough first race.

In the varsity eight competition, the Broncos posted a time of 7:14.6, about 18 seconds behind Sacramento State (6:56.0) on the 2,000 meter course. The second varsity eight boat came in third, behind the Hornets' A (6:59.7) and B (7:06.3) boats with a 7:36.4 time. In the novice eight competition, Santa Clara came in about 15 seconds behind Sacramento State (7:27.5), pulling in at 7:43.2.

The Broncos' A boat took a third place finish in the varsity four with a time of 7:55.3 behind Sacramento State's A (7:44.0) and B (7:47.5) boats. The varsity four B boat took fifth in the same race, pulling behind the Hornets' C boat (8:14.0), coming in at 8:27.1. Finally, Santa Clara's three novice four boats finished behind Sacramento State, in an untimed race.

"I was pleased with our effort as we went out aggressive, and compared to the results last year, we narrowly closed the gap on the Hornets," said head coach Carlo Facchino. "All around, they are a fast program and it is good for our crews to get racing experience against one of the top programs on the west coast."

On Sunday, the Broncos traveled to the Port of Sacramento where they participated in the Davis International Rowing Tournament against UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, and Sonoma State University. The UC Davis Aggies took first in all races except the varsity four, in which Santa Clara picked up their first win of the season.

Santa Clara's varsity eight began with a shaky start, which they were unable to recover from over the course of the race. In the end, the Broncos came in third, ahead of Sonoma State (7:34.28) with a time of 7:18.2, about 26 seconds behind UC Davis' first place (6:52.24) and UC Santa Barbara (7:10.64). In the second varsity race, Santa Clara came in at 7:43.38 behind UC Davis (7:06.64). The Broncos came in second behind the Aggies (7:21.69) in the novice eight competition with a time of 7:43.70, ahead of UC Santa Barbara (7:50.85) and Sonoma State (8:31.18). Santa Clara's second novice eight (8:51.76) ended in third behind UC Davis (7:46.11) and Santa Barbara (8:42.38).

The Broncos shined in the varsity four competition, placing first with a final time of 7:48.46 for their first win of the year. Santa Clara, UC Davis and Santa Barbara were within seconds of each other down the course, but the Broncos held onto their one-second lead. UC Davis (7:49.37) placed second, followed by UC Santa Barbara (7:50.85) and Sonoma State (8:31.18). In the novice four competition, Santa Clara (9:59.13) came in fourth behind UC Davis (8:20.99), Sonoma State (8:36.7) and UC Santa Barbara (8:52.19).

"We didn't have a great race in the varsity eight and everyone came off the water disappointed," Facchino said. "It shows a lot of character for both of our varsity fours to come off a bad race and turn it up a notch to take the win in the varsity fours. They were able to match up their power and speed and it showed."

The Santa Clara women's crew team will next set to the water in competition at the Sacramento State Invitational next week Saturday, March 10 in Sacramento.

Sacramento State Dual
Varsity Eight
1. Sacramento State 6:56.0
2. Santa Clara 7:14.6

Second Varsity Eight
1. Sacramento State A 6:59.7
2. Sacramento State B 7:06.3
3. Santa Clara 7:36.4

Novice Eight
1. Sacramento State 7:27.5
2. Santa Clara 7:43.2

Varsity Four
1. Sacramento State A 7:44.0
2. Sacramento State B 7:47.5
3. Santa Clara A 7:55.3
4. Sacramento State C 8:14.0
5. Santa Clara B 8:27.1

Novice Four
1. Sacramento State NTT
2. Santa Clara A NTT
3. Santa Clara C NTT
4. Santa Clara B NTT

Davis International Rowing Tournament
Varsity Eight
1. UC Davis, 6:52.24
2. UC Santa Barbara, 7:10.64
3. Santa Clara, 7:18.20
4. Sonoma State, 7:34.28

Second Varsity Eight
1. UC Davis, 7:06.64
2. Santa Clara, 7:43.38

Varsity Four
1. Santa Clara, 7:48.46
2. UC Davis, 7:49.37
3. UC Santa Barbara, 7:50.85
4. Sonoma State, 8:31.18

Novice Eight
1. UC Davis, 7:21.69
2. Santa Clara, 7:43.70
3. UC Santa Barbara, 7:54.16
4. Sonoma State, 8:01.49

Second Novice Eight
1. UC Davis, 7:46.11
2. UC Santa Barbara, 8:42.38
3. Santa Clara, 8:51.76

Novice Four
1. UC Davis, 8:20.99
2. Sonoma State, 8:36.70
3. UC Santa Barbara, 8:52.19
4. Santa Clara, 9:59.13