'Traz Tid-Bits': Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Trasolini's Opening Ceremonies Photo Gallery

Marc Trasolini, a Vancouver native, is bringing the Winter Games to the Broncos! Every day or so during the Winter Olympics, Trasolini will post an insider's look at the Winter Games on video, from Santa Clara.

A note from Marc Trasolini --

We'll post my video later today. I wanted you to see a few pictures my family took last night at the Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver. We are all gushing with Canadian pride. My younger brother Andrew is now 6'5! My sister Cristina is going to dance/perform at some of the Olympic venues. My sister Sarina was thrilled they were able to go the Opening Ceremonies.

Check back later for more with my video.

Send me questions about the Olympics, Canada and of course Santa Clara to: scuathleticbroncos@yahoo.com

Thanks for checking in --

Remember -- Broncos tonight vs. Pepperdine 7 pm! Here at the Leavey Center!