'Traz Tid-Bits: All Episodes!!': Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Below are all of Marc Trasolini's "Traz Tid-Bits!" from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. Make note: Trasolini is considering a second season of 'Traz Tid-Bits' with more insight of the 2010-11 Bronco basketball team. His hopes are to go into production with this special second season in April with an inside look at the Bronco basketball team. Suggest nicknames for 'Traz Tid-Bits Part II' at scuathleticbroncos@yahoo.com

Below - watch each 'Traz Tid-Bit' from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

  'TRAZ TID-BITS' FINAL EPISODE!' Featuring Marc Trasolni and his MVPs and favorite moments of the Winter Games

  'TRAZ TID-BITS' HOCKEY GOLD FOR CANADA!' Featuring Marc Trasolni and his Bronco teammate Phillip Bach!

  'TRAZ TID-BITS Day 14!' Featuring Marc Trasolni and his Bronco teammates!

  'TRAZ TID-BITS Day 14!' Featuring Marc Trasolni and his Bronco teammates Phillip Bach, Ben Dowdell, Troy Alexander and assistant coach James Ware!

  'TRAZ TID-BITS Day 10!' Featuring Marc Trasolni and his three siblings!

  'TRAZ TID-BITS Day Five!' Featuring Marc Trasolni!

  'TRAZ TID-BITS Day Three!' Featuring Marc Trasolni!

  'TRAZ TID-BITS Day Two!' Featuring Marc Trasolni!

  'TRAZ TID-BITS Day One!' Featuring Marc Trasolni!

Because the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics can't come to Santa Clara, Bronco forward Marc Trasolini, a Vancouver native, is bringing them to the Broncos! Every day or so during the Winter Olympics, Trasolini will post an insider's look at the Winter Games on video, from Santa Clara. He will also answer questions from the fans.

Trasolini, a 6'9 forward from Vancouver, leads the Bronco basketball team with in ppg, rpg and bpg this season. A 2009 WCC All-Freshman team honoree, he was recently named to the 2010 Academic All-American All-District team. He was honored on Feb. 26 when he was named to the WCC Winter Academic Team and on March 1 when he was named All-WCC Honorable Mention.