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Feb. 5, 2003

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    With the new format of the conference tournament, 4th place is huge and still obtainable for the Broncos who MUST take care of business at home.

    Five of the final seven games are at home and the Broncos won't board another airplace until San Diego in March.

    The five through eight seeds in the WCC Tournament have no chance of winning four games in as many nights. In my humble opinion, that's just the way the league wants it.

    Our bus driver in Portland disputed the image of the area's constant rain by saying, "It may rain 300 days a year, but some of those it rains for just two or three hours." Oh.

    Paying sales tax is more than a fair tradeoff for staying dry.

    The Broncos have to be chomping at the bit to play Portland again, a team they have beaten 15-straight times at Santa Clara

    An 8-6 record could be good enough for 2nd, no lower than 3rd.

    In Spokane, 2,700 is rounded to 4000...EVERY game.

    Brad and Cord Anderson's grandfather has run for governor of Hawaiii on both the republican and democratic tickets.

    You are making an quite a first impression Michelle Bento.

    Freshmen Travis Niesen brings a nasty edge not seen since the days of Drew Zurek. During a tense game at Indiana during Zurek's senior year, Bob Knight yelled at his assistants, "Why didn't we recruit him (native of South Bend)?" Drew is living in Portland with his beautiful wife Stephanie and 17-month-old son Colin. The younger Zurek speaks about 20 words and has mastered "no".

    It's pretty rough being Joe Millionaire. When I made $19,000 a year there were no takers.

    Minus Kyle Bailey, someone must emerge to POINT the way.

    One of the few bright spots from the Northwest trip was the emergence of J.R. Patrick, who can be a major playmaker down the stretch, if his knee holds up.

    Two of last year's Broncos are playing professionally: David Emslie in Germany and Steve Ross in France.

    Blake Stepp is the latest in the line of great Gonzaga point guards. Hands down the conference player of the year.

    By receiving some great stories from former players, the internet broadcast of Saturday's alumni game should be a blast.

    Scott Lamson will be there, probably with son Nick, named after his best friend and former Bronco teammate Nick Vanos.

    Associate Head Coach Steve Seandel is a natural honest analyst, but could never take the pay cut.