Postgame Quotes vs. George Mason

Dec. 29, 2000

Santa Clara Head Coach Dick Davey
"I'm encouraged (by the win). We've made strides in the last couple of games, no question. We are a team that has really had trouble maintaining discipline with regard to our approach to the game. Our guys played hard. We had a chance to take a look at some different guys. It wasn't a wintertime league game or anything like that, but I am encouraged."

"(On second overtime adjustments) That is overrated by all of us coaches. We try to get the right groups in at the right time. We try to encourage guys a little bit to set a better screen or rebound harder. If the game is a half-second longer at one point, we lose the game. We missed a lot of free throws. I am just encouraged with the better effort tonight."

"(On the SCU double-team of GMU's George Evans) Early in the game and as the game progressed until the last 10-12 minutes he was throwing it back outside so we took it off. We hoped he wouldn't try to challenge us but he did a couple of times after that. We were getting hurt by the weakside boards. So, we wanted to control that a little bit."

"We wouldn't be where we were without Brian Jones. He gets emotional and sometimes he doesn't make the right play and gets upset. I'd rather have him a little more under control, but I'd rather have him that way than to be passive."

Santa Clara Senior Guard Jamie Holmes
"Fortunately we came out on top tonight. This is the second time we have gone into double-overtime and both times we came away with wins. It has been all about our defense in the overtime periods. We came up with big stops and big rebounds and that has been the key. That's what won the game. Wins like this really help us. Morale was a little down. We had lost two games in a row. Then, we beat Nevada and now this win tonight... These games make us a better team. Close wins like this are great for us. George Mason was a good team. We did a good job of doubling down on (George) Evans and keeping him from scoring. That was a big key."

George Mason Coach Jim Larranaga
"Anytime teams play a double overtime game, they leave their heart and soul on the court. Both teams wanted it badly. They got one important stop at the end and it made the difference."

Santa Clara defense in second half on Evans (no field goals in second half or OT)
"They double-teamed George and it was effective because of their size. When he's got two big guys on him, it's hard for him to get baskets."

Quick turnaround to Saturday's game
"For us to succeed tomorrow, we need to get more production from the bench. We need to get those players more involved on the offensive end and get them playing better defense."

Game Notes
Santa Clara has played two games in double overtime this season, winning both. The Broncos defeated Chattanooga 83-81 in two overtimes at the Gazette Hawkeye Challenge earlier this season.

The double-overtime game tonight was only the second in Cable Car Classic history. The only other time it happened was when Santa Clara defeated Penn by a score of 89-76 in 1997 first round game. Interestingly, the championship game that season featured a Stanford vs. Santa Clara matchup.

George Evans posted his second straight double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds, marking his third this season and 25th in his career.

Erik Herring scored at least 20 points for the fifth time in 10 games.