Quotes - Santa Clara at Minnesota

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Kerry Keating, on game: "We did some good things tonight, but we just did not take care of the ball. We outrebounded them and we slowed the pace down and held the score down, but if you have that many turnovers it is difficult to win. Also, you have to credit Minnesota; they work hard and create offense out of defense."

Keating, on week: "We have been executing fairly well this season and we did that tonight when we got into our offense. However, this week we missed two big chances on the road to get important road wins. The team has to learn from tonight's game and make sure that they take care of the ball and execute better."

Mitch Henke, on returning to Minnesota: "It was nice to be out there in my home state again. You always have fun when you play in front of your friends and family. I was hoping for a better result tonight, but we could not handle their pressure and they made us pay for our mistakes."

Henke, on three games this week: "Sometimes it is tough to play three games in a row, but we just needed better effort tonight and against Stanford. The team will keep learning from these experiences and get stronger. We have to be ready to play next week for the Cable Car."

Henke, on playing at Williams Arena: "This is a great gym and I played a lot of games and pick-up games here in high school. It was fun to be back here and play in a place that is important to the city and the area and where I saw a lot of games growing up."