Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Pacific

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Kerry Keating, on team: "We need to be prepared to play hard every game and tonight we learned a big lesson that if don't play hard enough we will end up on the losing end. The team has had a good start overall, but we can't let up in any game or we will get beat."

Keating, on play of Andrew Zimmermann: "I am happy with Andrew because he got nine rebounds for us and that is very important from his spot. He is still working his way back from his injury and tonight was a big step for him. As he keeps getting more reps in practice, he will be even more comfortable and he will be able to contribute even more."

Andrew Zimmermann, on his play: "This past week in practice I have been trying to be more assertive and make some more plays. That carried over tonight and I was able to get some rebounds and draw some charges and help the team. I want to keep playing hard and helping the team."

Zimmermann, looking ahead to Montana: "We are not happy with how the game went tonight and now we have to focus on Monday. We had a good week of practice leading into this game, but it did not carry over into the game. We have to make sure that we come out hard on Monday and bring the effort from practice to the game."