Quotes - Santa Clara at Eastern Washington

Recap |  Final Stats

Kerry Keating, on current road trip: "We have set short term goals each game and we have done a good job accomplishing them. The assistant coaches have done a great job preparing the team for different opponents and the team has responded to the challenges on this trip. Every game we have done a good job on the boards and executing on offense."

Keating, on tonight's win: "We didn't give them many second shots and we took smart shots for the most part. The team showed good patience throughout most of the game and waited for the plays to develop. The run at the beginning of the second half was very good and that allowed us to build a big lead that we maintained through the rest of the game."

Keating, on play of Henke, Bryant and Angley: "All three of them gave us what we expect from experienced players on the road. They stepped up and made big plays for us in the important situations and helped us get a win. Mitch (Henke) made some big shots for us and John (Bryant) stayed consistent. Brody (Angley) played a good all-around game and showed toughness coming back from the knock that he took in the second half."

Mitch Henke, on his hot start to second half: "I got some good looks and I was able to knock them down. The first three that I hit was a good play by Brody (Angley) at the point and once that coach saw me hit that one, he called another play for me. I had a good rhythm going tonight."

Henke, on game: "We adapted well to how they defended us. They fronted John Bryant a lot inside so we had to find different ways to score. A lot of different guys stepped up and we were able to get another good road win."

Henke, looking ahead to Utah State: "We know that it is going to be tough game in Logan. They have some experienced players and they always play well at home so we have to go in there and play good defense and rebound. Those are the two biggest keys for us and if we take care of those areas, we will have a good chance to win."