Santa Clara 65, San Jose State 63

Nov. 27, 2001

Recap| Box Score

Dick Davey on the last play of the game.
"Actually what we were trying to do was get the ball to Steve Ross in the corner, screen across the lane for Jordan Legge to try and get a layup out of it. That is the way we got it in to Jim Howell earlier in the game. We couldn't get it in to Jordan because by chance they switched on the pick, so Kyle (Bailey) had to go one on one and take his chances that way. Luckily it worked out."

Jordan Legge on adjusting his game to the collegiate level.
"I am just trying to get used to the speed (of the college game) because it is a lot faster. I am just trying to hang in there and get better every game. It's hard to tell after only four games so far, so I am just looking to get stronger out there."

Steve Ross on finding his stroke in the second half.
"I was getting good looks in the second half, but also what I am trying to do now is get good looks at shots that have better chances of going in. What I have found myself doing is taking shots that were makeable, but were hard. So I am trying to find a spot, get my feet set and take shots that I know are easier to make. I know that if I continue to use that approach things like tonight will continue to happen."

Kyle Bailey on the game's final play.
"The last play we were looking for something in the post but they covered it up so I had Justin give me the ball and just felt in rhythym off the dribble. So I just let it go and it went in."