Quotes - Santa Clara at Sacramento State

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Kerry Keating, on team's shooting: "We were very composed in the second half and we did not turn the ball over as much. We got good shots by taking our time and executing our half-court offense. I didn't realize that we were shooting that well during the game, but I knew that we were getting some good looks and knocking them down. It is nice to know that we can get the shots we want."

Keating, on second half: "We gave ourselves a chance in the second half by taking care of the ball and doing a great job rebounding. We allowed nine offensive rebounds in the first half and none in the second half and we also cut down our turnovers. By doing that, we were able to get back in the game and get an important road win."

Keating on road trip: "You always face adversity when you are on the road. You do not have the support you have at home games and every game has different things going against you. Today, we played in a small gym and there was not a big crowd to get you up for the game, so you have to focus and play a good game. We need to keep stepping up to the challenge that each game on the road presents."

Senior Brody Angley, on second half: "We made a lot of mistakes in the first half and we kind of fixed those problems in the second half. They came out with a lot of pressure and we did not do a good job with it in the first half even though we knew it was coming. We kept our composure in the second and cut down on our turnovers so we were able to come back."

Angley, on offense: "We made them guard us for the entire shot clock and they started to tire out in the second half. When that happened the floor kind of opened up for us a bit more and we were able to get a lot of open shots and we knocked them down."

Angley, on John Bryant's play: "John had another good game and he had three or four big plays that got the bench pumped up. We feed off plays like his dunk in the second half. He has done a great job for us this year."