SCU vs. Davidson Postgame Quotes

Nov. 18, 2000

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Santa Clara Head Coach Dick Davey "We executed a little bit better offensively. We got the ball inside better. We were going on a stretch there in the first 18 minutes of the game where we had just two field goals. We weren't able to make anything or get any rebounds. So, I was encouraged by the second half. To see us get a few boards, to get a few putbacks, to get a little easier shots was encouraging. The biggest difference was that we executed better and we did a good job on the boards.

"I thought we moved a little bit better with our perimeter players getting on the baseline a little bit and our post players setting some screens and flashing. Part of it is the inexperience of this group and their understanding of what they are doing. Part of it is also the teaching process. We have got to do a better job of teaching the things you have to do to be successful. We haven't spent an awful lot of time working on a zone offense yet. I think we are going to have spend a little more.

"We only took 16 shots in the first half and we only ended-up making five in the first half. Their defense and our lack of emotional control offensively made the difference. We weren't searching out shots as effectively as we needed to. The biggest key, which was a plus, was that we got to shoot some free throws. Had we not shot any free throws, we could have come close to getting shutout in the first half. They could have been up 20 or 30 at halftime had we not gone to the line so much."

Santa Clara senior forward Jamie Holmes "We set some things up for me to get the ball in the post. I made a few shots we started running some plays for me. My teammates got the ball inside to me and I was able to convert and make some shots."

Davidson Head Coach Bob McKillop "It is a game of decisions," said Davidson coach Bob McKillop. "Our decisions with the basketball in terms of passing, shot selection and others on the offensive end just put us in a hole. When you shoot the percentage we shot, you are not going to beat anybody. We did a marvelous job on the glass in the first half. We took a step forward in the first half as a team. We went back to where we started yesterday in the second half.

"In the second half they shot 47 percent and we shot 23. Their ability to get inside looks versus our ability to get inside looks was evident. It is all about decisions. They made the decision to go inside. We did too. We did not have the patience to get the ball inside."