Quotes - Santa Clara vs. San Francisco

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Kerry Keating, on Brody Angley's play coming back from a concussion: "I can't say enough about his determination to come out and play tonight and not finish his career on the bench. He really energized our team and gave us some confidence. He was on the floor when we needed him the most and made the pass to get John (Bryant) into position to win the game for us."

Keating, on winning close games: "Maybe losing some of those close games earlier this year is coming back to help us now. We are learning how to win. When we called a timeout at the end, it was the same situation and the same play call as our game against Portland a week ago. In that game, Brody (Angley) threw the ball out of bounds, but tonight he made the play. The fact that we had no panic really showed. They went out and executed. I tip my hat off to the two seniors, Brody and Mitch (Henke) as well as John (Bryant) for their execution on that play."

Keating, on John Bryant's play: "John is starting to understand how important he is to this team. We did not have a great first half as a team and he really answered the bell in the second half and in the whole game really. Scoring 25 and getting 17 rebounds is impressive. His 17 rebounds were important tonight."

Keating, on facing Gonzaga in the semifinals: "We have an opportunity to redeem ourselves after a loss last week. Our guys understand the opportunity we have playing in the semifinals. This is our postseason right here so we are going to have to come out swinging tomorrow night. We are the underdog and we have to come out strong."

Keating, on USF head coach Eddie Sutton: "I really appreciate what Eddie has done for the conference this year. I am looking forward to hearing his input about the league and how we can continue to make this league better. It was an honor to compete against a Hall-of-Famer this season."

John Bryant, on winning free throws: "The repetition of shooting free throws in practice really helped me. Coach (Keating) always stresses to us to treat all our free throws like we are shooting in a game situation. I just had to step up and knock them down."

Bryant, on getting a one-point win: "It is a huge win for us. We came out with that determination to get a win. We wanted to win it for the seniors."