Santa Clara 82, San Diego 48

March 5, 2004

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Opening Comments

"You have nights and tonight was a night for us. The ball went in the basket early and it helped our defense. I thought we played with a lot of passion and energy. They (USD) were surely capable of beating us but tonight we made baskets and I thought it was a commendable job by our guys."

On his team's offensive breakout
"Maybe it was the headbands. I think we aren't that bad of a shooting team but sometimes your confidence level changes based on how shots are going in and we have not been making shots recently and I think our confidence level was down because of that. I think they went out with a real focus and said we're better than that and we're going to prove it."

On his team's preparation
(Assistant coach) Steve Seandel's scouting report was outstanding, our guys were really focused in on what they were doing and I think that really helped us."

On facing USF in the quarterfinals
"USF will come in and play with real passion, because Phil's guys always do and we're going to try and do the same thing."

On the Bronco effort tonight
"For me being a senior, it's win or go home so I'm trying to give it (my best). You've got to give it all you've got and all the guys were real focused tonight and played our butts off."

On advancing in the tournament
"We lose tonight and the season's over. I want to play the whole weekend. I want to play on Monday."