Quotes - Santa Clara vs. San Diego

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Head coach Kerry Keating, on season: "Nine of our 13 losses have been two possessions or less. In all of those losses we either were outrebounded or we turned the ball over too much. Tonight we turned the ball over too much. We did a better job on the boards tonight against them than we did last game, but we turned the ball over."

Keating, on defending Rob Jones in the second half: "I told the team that someone's got to take it upon themselves. It fell a lot on Mitch (Henke) and Ben (Dowdell). We were probably too concerned with Gyno (Pomare) in the first half, which probably freed Rob up a little bit, and he did a good job knocking down open shots."

Keating, on free throws: "One thing we try to do is get to the free throw line. As many times as John touched the ball in the paint tonight it's amazing that we only shot seven free throws."

John Bryant, on game: "It's a physical game inside, they were trying to push me off the block and get me frustrated. I just tried to do my best to score and do what I need to do for the team to win. When you're the biggest guy on the floor you go out there assuming you're never going to get a call."

Bryant, looking ahead: "We just have to try and get us a win and get some momentum going into the WCC tournament and try and get a bye, which it's a big difference playing four games as opposed to just playing three."

Bryant, on 1,000 points: "It's another point I guess. But, it is an honor to accomplish that and be a part of Santa Clara history. I'll always have that."

Mitch Henke, on game: "I think we did a lot of things well and we accomplished many of our goals, but it comes back to the turnovers we had and not getting shots on possessions we should have. Ultimately, that is how we lost the game."

Henke, on adjustments going into the second half: "It wasn't a lot of adjustments, but one thing we did do was stop hitting ball screens as hard and we started playing more on your own man and not coming out as much. Other than that we just tried to refocus on things we know we can do like rebounding and making some good shots."