Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Saint Mary's

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Kerry Keating, on game: "I was just disappointed in our effort and not giving ourselves a chance. It is the same thing we have been talking about all year long. We have to learn how to win one and two possession games. These games are tough for the seniors, but they are good for the freshmen, because it teaches them the hard way how to win these types of games."

Keating, on rebounding and defense: "We out-rebounded a very good rebounding team and we held them to six offensive rebounds. Their post player did not hurt us. We made defensive adjustments to stop getting beat off the bounce and we did a good job adjusting to that, but we put ourselves too long in too big of a hole in a low possession game to have a chance to come back."

Keating, on Bryant's play: "John played a great game tonight, as he has done all year long. He had another double-double. I can't fault John too much for anything, he played 35-minutes tonight, and that's a season high minute for him. He wanted to be in and he's done a good job to play that amount of minutes, he just has to be a little bit tougher in the end to try to draw the foul."

Keating, on Brody Angley's last shot: "They did a good job pressuring our entry in the wing and John (Bryant) was open on the back screen for a lay up, but ball pressure buys you time and they did a good job of that. The second option was to get it back to Brody on the screen and he got it right under the rim."

John Bryant, on close losses: "We have had three games that we could have won, tonight San Diego and Gonzaga. If we win those, we are in first place. If three possessions went differently we would be right there."

Bryant, on turnovers: "Coach was talking about it, emphasizing turnovers in practice. We set a goal for ourselves of 12 or less turnovers a game and and tonight we had 18. You are not going to win when you turn the ball over in low possession game like this one was, it is a matter of us taking care of the ball and finishing out ball games. We did pretty much everything right, except we didn't take care of the ball and turned it over and that's what killed us."