Postgame Quotes vs. LMU

Feb. 8, 2001

Recap| Box Score

Jamie Holmes
"I really didn't know I had (26 points). When Brian Jones gets in foul trouble, we kind of try to slow it down a bit, be a little more patient and not get too rushed. (On LMU's scoring run to tie the game) It's a common trend. It has been happening all year. We get big leads then we take a few bad shots, we get impatient on offense and we end up blowing our lead. It's a common trend that I hope we can get to stop. We just need to be patient and take our time on offense. (On key plays down the stretch) I have been shooting the ball pretty well lately. The guy left me open on the three so I pulled-up and hit it. It wasn't anything where I thought I was going to take over the game. He left me open and I shot it. (Key to recovery) We were more patient on offense but we also picked-up our defense and got some stops."

Dick Davey
(On LMU's scoring run)"They started making some baskets and our confidence level went down. That happens in a majority of basketball games. Maybe it's not quite that severe all of the time. Basketball kind of ebbs and flows unless you are an awfully dominating type of team. We win with excecution and intelligence and we have to hope the shots fall for us. (On Holmes' big shots at the end). Jamie Holmes and Justin Holbrook both hit big jumpers when we were in a little bit of trouble. Jamie has had a great year. He has done a tremendous job for us this year and I have nothing but credit to give to him on that. (On potential of looking ahead to Saturday's Pepperdine game) I am a big believer that you have to be ready to play every time you go out on the floor. You have to go out intending to do things right. Our players are smart enough to realize that if we don't win this one, our chances of gaining in the league standings would basically be none. I really thought in the second half Brian Jones did a good job of keeping us in rhythm. He took the shots that he had that were open. He was a stablizing force for us in the second half. He didn't score as much but he is willing to do other things. He does so many other things for us."