Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Gonzaga

Final Stats

Kerry Keating, on game: "It's hard to find words to describe everything right now. The team is disappointed of course. I'm disappointed because I hate losing. But when it comes down to it, we have a lot of games to play on the schedule, and this game is just another one we had to play. From the beginning we've been stressing that it's not about who we play, it's about us. We're proud of our guys."

Kerry Keating, on the double overtime: "Lately now, there have been too many games that come down to one final possession. We all recognize this, and we all recognize that someone has to take responsibility and get the job done. In that case, then we will be perfect every time. We had our chances and now that game is in the past and as soon as we walk out of that locker room we'll be focused on Portland."

Kerry Keating, on player Brody Angley: "Brody is a warrior. The game isn't his fault obviously and he executed plays how he wanted to execute them. When it comes down to the final minutes in a game like this, all of our rebounds are magnified and he did what he could. Emotion is such an important factor, and Brody kept his composure."

John Bryant: on the loss: "You just have to take it and go to the next game. We have to come out strong against Portland and take out our frustrations on them. Coach told us the game is over, we have to move on."

Bryant: on the foul at the end of regulation: "It hurts because we were so close, a foul with less than a second is even tougher because we had the game. We have to just take it and move on from that."

Brody Angley, on the loss: "It's just disappointment. We just can't make those plays, we have to learn from it and not make them again."

Angley, about the foul at the end of regulation: "I knew there was three seconds, I saw there was a loose ball and I tried to go for it and beat him to it. I probably should have let him try to get it, instead I fell into him and caused the foul."