Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 30, 2009

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Bronco Head Coach Kerry Keating
"I'm happy we're continuing our winning ways. We did a good job at executing tonight. No matter what the score is, we have to be solid. We will continue to work hard since we have Pepperdine on Saturday."

"We are winning games by doing what we have to do on the court and playing hard in practice every single play."

"It's all the same thing; we can always get better, especially on the defensive end. We will continue to improve. John Bryant had 22 rebounds tonight and would have had 24 if he had gotten two rebounds in the first half off of missed free throws by LMU so he has room to improve as well (John shakes head yes). We are all working hard."

(on Kevin breaking the freshman school record for three-pointers):
"Between the three of them, Marc (Trasolini), Kevin and James, they scored 56 points tonight. They are all three talented and very good shooters. Kevin and James have worked hard on their shot in the last couple weeks especially. That's what great shooters do - take a lot of shots in the gym - and they get better. It's no surprise they set the record and continued to shoot well. Records are made to be broken. Right now we are winning games and working hard to get better every day."

Kevin Foster
(on making threes, how will he continue to get better):
"I will continue to get better by working at it every day because I tend to be lazy sometimes. I have to keep working hard every day. My dad always sends me inspirational quotes to help me to get better and so I think about getting better every day."

James Rahon
(on shooting the ball so well): "I am always in the gym working on my shot. I do what I can do to improve my defense in games, especially when we are in practice. And I also continue to work on my all-around game."