Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Pepperdine

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Kerry Keating, on game: "I am just happy that we scored more points. We did a good job in the first half to give ourselves a cushion. I never would have imagined that we would score almost as many points in the second half tonight as we did Saturday against LMU."

Keating, on different contributors: "We got some good contributions from a lot of different guys tonight. Brody (Angley) played a lot of minutes and he did a great job of finding guys and handling the pressure. Zac Tiedeman and Jonathan Gunderson both shot a good percentage. We executed well and got some open looks and we knocked them down."

Brody Angley, on game: "Tempo wise, they put a lot of pressure on us with the full court. I think we did a good job initially coming out strong and hitting some shots to get the lead. They went on a run of making threes and were able to get some steals defensively, but we were able to buckle down towards the end of the game."

Angley, on fagtigue: "I am a bit tired, but I am feeling good. I have to stay prepared for the rest of the season. I got a second wind tonight and guys came in like Zac (Tiedeman) and Jonathan (Gunderson) who took control of the ball and knocked down some shots.

Zac Tiedeman, on game: "We did a really good job tonight because we are not used to this fast paced game of up and down. We played a little different style of play, but we hung in there and got the win."

Tiedeman, on pressure: "They were putting a lot of pressure on us and getting some turnovers, running around and causing havoc. We knew that we could get some easy baskets if we beat the pressure."

Tiedeman, on upcoming games: "We want to get another good week of practice in to get ready for San Diego and San Francisco. Overall, we are more excited and upbeat. After the loss to Saint Mary's we were a bit down, but we just want to keep the momentum going and play well the rest of the season."