Quotes - Santa Clara at Saint Mary's

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Kerry Keating, on game: "We talk about taking care of the ball and winning the rebounding battle before every game. Tonight, we did not do either of those things well and we came out on the losing end. Having nine turnovers in the first 10 minutes makes things difficult."

Keating, looking ahead: "I am looking forward to practice Monday because it will be the beginning of another week to improve as a team. We will continue to learn and get better and we will be ready to come out play Loyola Marymount next game. If we want to win games like tonight, we have to have more competitive practices."

Keating, on turnovers: "When we take care of the ball, we shoot well and we take good shots. In the games that we have won, we get a lot of good shots, but tonight we did not give ourselves the chance because of the turnovers. We turned it over too much of our own accord."

John Bryant, on his game: "I wanted to work hard defensively tonight and try to play good post defense and hedge on their ball screens. I thought that we did a pretty good job defensively, but we could not take care of the ball and that hurt us on the offensive end."

Bryant, on practices: "We have to come out and work hard every day to prepare for these games. Coach keeps saying that we need to be more competitive in practice and we will keep trying to do that."